Sunday, June 18, 2017

Second Year in University of Malaysia, Pahang, UMP.

Now that I’m no longer a second-year engineering student, I have to think about my third year and my new crazy exotic adventure. My second year as an engineering student has not been easy. I thought my first year was hard but looking back at it, it wasn’t. The second year has been my most challenging year not only mentally, emotionally but most importantly psychologically. This year I had to build up my self-esteem; I had to work hard to really believe in myself that I could finish my never-ending projects, that I could get the highest marks possible. Plus, I had to plan my schedule every single day so that I could join or conduct events. You see, students who wish to continue staying at residential colleges must participate in activities conducted at the college, faculty or university to ensure that they have collected sufficient merit points to be offered a place the following semester, as vacancies are limited. Hence, I was called the 'merit hunter'. A good one tho *grins*.

Anyway, I finished exams 3 days ago! It has been a very long two weeks. I would talk about how my exams went, but I never really know if they went well or not! There were a few surprises- Chemical Reaction Engineering was probably my best one (despite that I found the course hideously confusing at the time and didn’t even understand half of lectures) and Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics was so bad (I thought I  could do it as I did well for tests. I guessed wrong.). That may not sound like a surprise. Whatever. I’m completely over that now of course! Exams done. Overall, second year has been an absolute blast, I had the best time ever! I made amazing friends, met some amazingly inspiring people and grew as a person. I surprised myself with the things that I was capable of doing. Now, all I have to do is plan my holidays and work on my so called 'project' (I'll post about it soon!). 

Here, I present to you, my second year photo blog and some snapchat videos. *insert smiley emoji*

Some run event, forgot the name of the event. Joined too many marathons this year LOL.

Clase de Español.

Mass Transfer Lab Mini Project with Fifi.

Chem-E Car.

Couldn't go home. Parents decided to visit me. Yeepeeee.

Teluk Chempedak.

Chem-E Car Competition.

Chem-E Car.

Iron Man Explorace. The only team with no boys and has different ethnics. *Proud* We 'ran' around Pekan to Kuantan to Teluk Chempedak, back to Kuantan and lastly, back to Pekan. Had lots of fun even though I was tired af. 

Birthday surprise ft. my lovely roommates! *Yes, my roommates are all Malay.*
Another birthday surprise in the library. I have funny friends I tell you. So cute lol.

After Computer Programming presentation with Dr.Arun.

Joined some anti-dadah activities at Rumah Pengasih, National Drug Agency and UPNM.

Christmas with fam bam in Kuantan because of freaking finals. 
Pekan boys are very hyper lol.

With gang karat. This was right after Christmas mass at St.Thomas Church, Kuantan.

Aina's birthday surprise.

UMP's 15th birthday.

Joe Flizzow in da house yooo. And also Jakeman, Azran Osman Rani, Altimet, Awi Rafael, and Masdo.

iM4U, Reach Out Event.

Reach Out 2017.

KK1 ladies sports event.

Ash Wednesday. 

The Women's Run, support Women's Day.

KK1 Zumba.

Beauty with Brain Event HAHA.
Beauty with Brain.

Went all the way to Temerloh to interview the owner of this product just for Technopreneurship subject pffft. Thank God that the owner was nice, humble and adorable.

Production of Ethylene Gas Talk by Petronas, Chemical Reaction Engineering Course Subject.
*FYI, I loathe CRE so much. Sobs.*

Bestie Fit Run. 

Ex roommate cos she's going to Germany soon.

Bestie Fit Run.

Technopreneurship Carnival. My group sold Mocktail HAHA.

KK1 Movie Night in WDK-US.

Spanish Oral with new lecturer from Mexico.
*Ps: He's cute. Melting.*

These people are good. Some cultural event by UMP and UPSI students.

Expoconvo UMP Event. Zizan Razak, Abam, Daphne Iking and Ust Halim were there. 

Festial Bayu Kenyalang.

Chinese Cultural Night. 

Second theatre I went. Title: Tepuk Amai-Amai

Theatre: Tepuk Amai-Amai

Cultural Exhibition

Sado vs Jelita ft. Heliza Helmy, Hisyam Lois and Dr Khairul Hafidz.

Expoconvo 2016/2017

CVSF Christmas night.

Last Class with Señor Hector hehe. 

First time studying the effect of water in a plate heat exchanger during Heat Transfer Lab.
It was pretty fun lol.

Third theatre I went. HAHA I just love UMP's theatre crew, they're so good at acting!
Title: Dorm 12
*Warning: Ada hantu*

Theatre: Dorm 12
*Warning: Hantu gelak*
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