Saturday, December 31, 2016

Throwback Post?

Over the past two years, I’ve written a lot of draft blog posts that I never published. Most of them are quite personal and rough, but not all of them. So, I decided to post some of those drafts instead of writing a new post.





 Heck Shika is lazy

As always.

do not really have the time to write posts nicely; basically, posts written with 'enthusiastic effort' and 'infinite labor'. Usually, I endeavour to write posts and organise them neatly. Now, not anymore as I’ve been exceptionally busy in all areas of my life.

Okay fine. We’re all busy! Every one of us. It’s not a very exclusive club. And here’s another reality check: because we’re all busy, no one really cares about how busy someone else is. One way or another, we all make time for what’s important to us. Hence, now I'm focusing more on what truly matters.

I’ve gone through periods of intense, driven productivity; months where everything fell into place, and my goals almost seemed to accomplish themselves. At the other extreme, there have been times in my life where I was completely overwhelmed, burdened by my different projects and responsibilities; frustrated because so many of them not only challenged me, but didn’t matter to me. There were days when I asked myself how did I end up here? How did I end up working on all these things that aren’t who I am, and that don’t represent where I am going?

Okay enough whining and complaining. There are going to be a lot of flashback stories and memories. Please note that. I posted a draft blog post recently, some humans actually freaked out and asked whether I'm okay or nah. (But hey, thanks for caring. How blessed I am to have friends like y'all!) Friends, readers, stalkers, whoever you are. Please read the header of the post or the end of the post and understand that it is a draft blog post; do not just ignore it. If there's no draft date, then it is not a draft. Know the differences peeps.

I guess, that's just it. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to those who actually visit and read my blog posts, especially my loyal readers! Shout out to my good friends: Farah, Sean, Ignatius, Livya, Thiveya and all my HFK buddies! To my blogger friends: cherrypie, bettyrose12, The Global Traveller, Betsy Natalie, Mira, Meg, etc. Also to my anonymous readers. Thank you so much! Without you guys, I would have not gotten a single penny. YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST.

Shika Hanna.
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