Monday, November 14, 2016

Drugs and Alcohol.

My roommate asked about my views on alcohols and drugs just now.

Well I don't do them both.

I've always had an aversion to alcohol and it seems like no matter what I drink, the alcohol always has a bitter taste. The last time I really drank alcohol was during Chinese New Year. And guess what, I'm actually a pretty good drinker. Okay, I lied. I drank only up to 3 glasses of Kahlua, a glass of Tia Maria and a can of beer that day. With my family, neighbours and mom's friends. Yeah.

I watched Skins recently and they treat drugs very casually. Like it's no big deal. It doesn't show the addictiveness it's said to cause. But I still remember all those seminars we had during primary school. Brought addicts to share their testimony and showed gory pictures.

I believe both aren't good for you. But I think drugs are worse? Drink if you're celebrating! Just don't get wasted and embarrass yourself and lose your virginity or something. And not too often. It ruins your liver.

And don't do drugs.

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