Saturday, July 9, 2016

Second To None

         I remember watching her walk back up the stairs. I couldn't stop smiling, because your mother was particularly beautiful that night. Her hair was pulled back. She was wearing a white cotton dress that curved around her hips. Her skin glowed. There was so much life in her eyes. When she smiled at me, I felt like an explosion had gone off inside my heart. I could not possibly love her more than I loved her in that moment: my wife, my friend, the woman who had given me such kind, thoughtful, beautiful children.
         She sat across from me at the able. I took both her hands in mine.
         "Why are you smiling?" she asked.
I kissed the inside of her wrists and answered what I felt at that moment was the absolute truth.
         "Because everything is perfect." 

Karin Slaughter.
Cute Spinning Flower Black