Saturday, June 25, 2016

First Year in Universiti Malaysia Pahang, UMP.

It's been a while since I updated about UMP. A real long while. I guess I kept telling myself that I needed time to "reflect over how the semester concluded" before I could get to updating, but the fact of the matter is, I'm just a lazy bitch. Oh well. Today marks my first week of break. How time flies! One year habis gitu ja wei. By the way, let me introduce myself HAHA.

Second Year Student.
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) Chemical Engineering
Faculty of Chemical and Natural Resources Engineering
Gambang Campus, Pahang.

So far, I think the social side of University has been a massive part of it. I've met so many amazing people (and some brainless as well) and done so many amazing things. I really am looking forward to spend another three years at University of Malaysia, Pahang. 

Female blocks. 15 blocks in total, 
Cultural Night with le roommates, Puteri and Ainur ♡ 
Calculus Project turned into Yi Min's Soft Skills Confession.
I don't have a picture of me in Pekan because apparently I was busy taking pictures of them.
Pekan Campus featuring Puteri.
Creative birthday gift 1. Who needs wrapping paper when you have sweets?
Great job Sharmieena!
See that pretty box there? Dari Johor kena kasi post huhu.
Chocolates, notes and sweets from my soulmate, Sharmieena.
Creative gift 2. EXPLODING BOX.
Ainur why you so sweet?
First time being a facilitator. SPRM Explorace.
Last Engineering Mechanics class with Dr.Kamal.
Aladdin pants and slippers during UICC meeting. Nampak tak kesetanan di situ haha.
Plus, I was playing with my phone that night because I didn't understand a shit.

BASIC Camp, Day 2. 1 AM and we're taking pictures with the seniors. I look shitty but whatever. 
Basic Camp, Day 3. Our "kasi putus" pose.

Run For Life Event. PRETTY ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE.I know I look super horrible here, sunburn to the max pfft.
Last Analytical Chemistry class with Dr.Farhan. 
Engineering Ethics and Professionalism Presentation. Dr.Hayder actually hit my hand when he found out that our product is made of silk.
Malam Pesta Cahaya with ma favourite Indian ♡ 
Youth Camp.
Class cancelled. Apa lagi, bergambar la kami.
Photo quality like shit tapi nak tunjuk juga. This was after Ladies Zumba at KK1 Park.
Ladies Zumba Squad.
Pelancaran apa entah. Lupa. HAHAHA.
Thermodynamics First Test. I regretted sitting at the corner, Dr.Julius kept on looking at my paper loool.
Teluk Chempedak wiith KMPP mates.
Lao Sheng with ChemE mates.
Holy Saturday Night at St.Thomas, Kuantan.
Sudirmania. The best theatre show ever.

Jambatan UMP. Celebrated Yiing Yee's birthday at old KK4.
Last Electrical & Instrumentation Technology Class.
Study Week but kami sibuk berjolly.
Iftar kat luar sebab makanan UMP hampeh.

Favourite food at favourite restaurant.
Bakal chemical students, this will be your playground later.
Yes, I took Anyaman for Koku 2. Ketawalah hang puas-puas.
Colour My Run. 3 hari juga oh baru tu warna atas kepala hilang.
Neon Run.
Soft Skills Life Long Learning.
Bila fasi semua kawan kau, maka kau la jadi sasaran lol.
Dating after mass.
Indah gambar dari rupa. Percayalah hahaha.
Neon Run.
Ok dah malas. My captions are getting shorter. Too many pictures. Malas. K.

I don’t believe that university life should only be about cramming books 24/7, mingling among the same circle of people (or race, for that matter) and joining an activity you dislike just to fight for a spot in hostel the following year (Participate but no commitments? Like seriously? This makes me feel indignant). Life on campus should be full with passion, rigour and vivacity.

Well, I appreciate every moment, despite being critical at times. It has been an awesome roller-coaster ride so far. Each person's journey in university is inevitably unique; and can only be charted, discovered and cherished by the very path we choose to walk upon. Peace out.

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