Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Saw Franchise

Horror Fanatic Challenge #21 - Best Horror Franchise

Since the surprise hit "Saw" in 2004, there's been a sequel each year. I'm a huge fan of horror movies, and I absolutely love the "Saw" Franchise. Each sequel was a worthy addition to the original story. Part II and VI were the best sequels. 

Saw I

"Saw" is one of the better horror films in recent memory. I suppose it's more of a thriller than horror, although it still is gory and serves well on a horrific level. It's sort of a cross between "Se7en" and "The Silence of the Lambs" I'd say, and the film is pretty damn good. 

"Saw" opens with two men who wake up in a dilapidated public restroom with no memory of how or why they are where they are. Chained to the floor, they are both utterly confused and terrified. Together, they begin to piece together the memory of what happened to them as the serial killer, nicknamed Jigsaw threatens them and plays numerous mind games that lead up to their demise. Meanwhile, detectives and officials are on the trail of the brutal serial murderer, trying to save the men the entire time.

This is definitely a smart thriller/horror and it will have you on the edge of your seat from the very beginning to the bloody, limb-severing conclusion. The scenes that are meant to be frightening don't require things that jump out at you every two seconds, or cheesy orchestral flailing. The situation is what frightens you, not the presentation. The entire movie has a dark, damp setting, and is overloaded with intense scenes and lots of gore, that are sure to please any horror fan. On top of that, the cleverly-woven story is unique. James Wan does an excellent job, especially considering this to be his first feature film.

Saw II

Just like in the first movie, this movie has an amazing twist. The twist in this movie is kind of harder to realize. In the second movie you find out that the event the tested subject (the one playing the game) is seeing is a prerecorded tape. He thinks it is currently happening, thus making him make the wrong decision. If he was to play along and not do anything, everything would turn out fine. In the end we find him trapped in the same cell Saw 1 took place in, tied to a chain, what a great ending. I loved the ending in Saw 1, and loved the ending in Saw 2 even more. The ending is what makes these movies! The twist at the end is the main reason I love the movie so much. Great acting, great story, amazing twist.

Sunday, August 2, 2015


I'm so tired of everything, like I don't have the strength to even have faith in anything anymore.

Jason Vorhees - Friday the 13th

Horror Fanatic Challenge #20 - Favourite Horror Movie Character

Gosh, this is hard. I have loads of favourite character! After much deep thought, I finally decided to choose Jason Voorhees from the Friday the 13th series as my number one favourite horror movie character. He is one of the most enduring horror movie monsters ever.

A six and a half foot tall mountain man running around in the woods wearing a hockey mask and carrying a machete pretty much demands to be taken seriously, and Jason Voorhees is certainly no exception to this ancient rule. He's also got all of the necessary aspects of "badass attitude" down to a science - this gigantic monster of an emotionless automaton doesn't talk, he doesn't crack a bunch of lame-ass jokes, and he's hideously ugly underneath his mask.  Hell, he doesn't even have a good reason for killing people.  It's not like he suffers from some kind of crazy misplaced rage or has a wicked chip on his shoulder about anything in particular. He's just an unfeeling, merciless, pointy death machine who breaks partying teenagers in half just because he's really got nothing else going on in his life. And hey, he's not even that die-hard of a fan – in the second movie he doesn't even don the mask, rather preferring to wear a burlap sack over his head instead. Jason Voorhees was rocking that look back in the 80s.  He's that much of a trendsetter.

Also in true badass fashion, Jason doesn't run for shit.  This is partly because real slashers can't run fast, but also because he's usually pretty confident that you're going to die painfully whether you flee or not, and doesn't really feel like working up a sweat trying to kill your dumb ass.  It's a given - it doesn't matter how fast you run, Jason Voorhees is going to kill and leave your mutilated corpse out in the woods to rot. Also, he never seems to mind that he's pretty much constantly being rained on, and in case you didn't know this already, standing outside in the freezing cold rain acting like it doesn't bother you is one of the primary tenets of badass attitude.

I also find it interesting that he's a master of stealth and espionage.  You wouldn't think he'd be so good at hiding and sneaking up on people, seeing as how he's a two hundred and fifty pound undead axe-murderer with a raging blood-vendetta against anything and anyone who isn't currently dead, but apparently that's just how Jason Voorhees rolls.

You can't kill this bastard either.  He's been shot, blown up, drowned, burned, electrocuted, and beaten down with everything from axes to hammers, but he just keeps on decapitating co-eds with a machete.  Even when you drown him or stab him in the brain with a nail gun, he just pops right back up again like nothing's wrong.

Jason has succeeded in becoming one of the most iconic movie slashers in film history. According to the official Friday the 13th website, he's racked up 146 kills during his blood-splattered film career (not including the new movie). That's a hell of a lot wei. There are many other reasons but I'm too lazy to continue already. Teehee~

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