Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Psycho 1960

Horror Fanatic Challenge #17 - Favourite Black&White Horror Movie.

First of all, I watched only 4-5 black and white horror movies only. Okay maybe less than that. I don't mind watching black and white horror movies, but so far the horror movies I watched aren't scary, with bad acting and nonsense stories. I remember watching Night of the Living Dead, and the whole thing was just so awful and convoluted that I just could not give a crap about anything that was going on. So yeah, I'm not opposed to black and white movies just on the principle that they're black and white, but there are no black and white movies that I've ever found myself enjoying.

Except this movie, Psycho. I watched the remake first, followed by Psycho 2, then Psycho 3 and finally the original concept of Psycho.I was first introduced to the remake when I saw parts of it on TV, I was about 13 when the shower scene came on, I closed my eyes, and stayed there, hugging my father. But what actually scared me, wasn't the fact that the killer murders someone in the bath, but the music. The screaming violin tune is one of the, if not, the most famous tune ever, which was copied to other films such as "Carrie" and "The Amityville Horror". Then, I decided to watch the original classic movie. I normally watch the original after watching derivative horror films. Don't just go around giving credits to movie remakes without mentioning the original piece. Hey without the original, there's no remake, right?

Okay so, this is the only stunning black and white movies my eyes have ever gazed upon. What can I say? Simply one of the most genuinely black and white scary films ever made and perhaps Hitchock's masterpiece. Not to forget, the famous shower scene haha. Norman Bates should have been named the greatest villain of all time. And Bernard Hermann's music? Please. That man was brilliant.

A final note, AVOID the remake. Nothing is on par with the original movie and the director added a couple of unnecessary and gratuitous touches (in the motel scene, Sam is completely nude, the "peeping" scene, Norman masturbates as he secretly watches Marion get undressed before taking her fateful shower - did we need to see THAT to understand that Marion had become the object of his repressed desire? I don't think so). The original, however, is a MUST SEE, whether you are a horror aficionado or not. 

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