Monday, July 27, 2015

My Bloody Valentine 1981

Horror Fanatic Challenge #18 - Favourite 80's horror.

The 1980's was one of the best decades for horror. 80's horror is so damn groovy, you may develop a lifelong addiction to its horrific charm. My Bloody Valentine is definitely in the top 10 list of 1980's slasher films. It uses location, atmosphere and gore in all the right ways making this one a Canadian classic. The location shots underneath in the mine are perfect because of how dark and narrow it is down there. Some of the chase scenes are creepy because of how hard it is to move around down there. The killer wears full mining gear (including a mask) and he carries around a huge pick axe. There is also a ton of gore in this one, and even more gore in the version not shown in theaters.

The acting was actually pretty well done for an eighties slasher flick. The lead characters all did their jobs, and supporting cast were good as well. The suspect list pretty much includes Harry Warden or the two lead male character's (Axel and TJ) who are vying for the love of Sarah. It keeps you guessing right until the shocking conclusion. Definitely check this film out if you are a fan of 80's horror. It is one of the best made in that great era of scary slashers. Watch it on Valentine's Day haha.

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