Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wrong Turn 2003

Horror Fanatic Challenge #19 - Best Use of Gore

Just when you think the days of cannibal families living in the outback preying on unsuspecting teens, were long over then this comes along which in my opinion is a decent throwback to the days of (Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Hills Have Eyes and Cannibal Holocaust) and more but those were the gems from that era. Okay "Wrong Turn" isn't perfect and not quite up there with the best, but it's still a decent cannibal slasher flick.

Okay the plot is as old as time, but that's what's fun about it, and it's interesting to see what this type of movie would look like if there's a decent budget and well it does certainly pay off, as the cannibal family are armed with bows and arrows and even guns, which does add tension and makes it more nerve racking. This movie does have genuinely terrifying moments, I mean the deformed mutants are actually very creepy and run fast. The scene where the friends stumble across the graveyard of cars is well shot and does make me feel that it will be almost impossible for any of them to survive. 

There are some very few minor bad points that does stop this from being a true classic, like there are some tense scenes but they do become very predictable, like I knew who was gonna die and in what order and the dialogue is a bit stilted and can become very dull, and the stupidity of these characters at times is just unbelievable and takes away the realism of the situation and this movie due to the decent production values does look way too glossy and over the top at times trying a bit too much to stylish which takes away the true fear and horror. But the gore and deaths look realistic and cool, which is always a plus side in my books. 

Ps: I watched all the Wrong Turn series and I have to say that The 'Wrong Turn' franchise has basically been sliding down hill since the first one. The last installment, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort is so utterly awful I question how it was even released. It is occupied with only sexual scenes. I actually spent most my time being unable to watch the movie because of the quantity of pointless gore that it contains. The combination of sex, pointless gore and handicapped people are extremely weird or disturbing too. I recommend you not to watch the fifth and sixth installment if you're not a big fan of the series.

Monday, July 27, 2015

My Bloody Valentine 1981

Horror Fanatic Challenge #18 - Favourite 80's horror.

The 1980's was one of the best decades for horror. 80's horror is so damn groovy, you may develop a lifelong addiction to its horrific charm. My Bloody Valentine is definitely in the top 10 list of 1980's slasher films. It uses location, atmosphere and gore in all the right ways making this one a Canadian classic. The location shots underneath in the mine are perfect because of how dark and narrow it is down there. Some of the chase scenes are creepy because of how hard it is to move around down there. The killer wears full mining gear (including a mask) and he carries around a huge pick axe. There is also a ton of gore in this one, and even more gore in the version not shown in theaters.

The acting was actually pretty well done for an eighties slasher flick. The lead characters all did their jobs, and supporting cast were good as well. The suspect list pretty much includes Harry Warden or the two lead male character's (Axel and TJ) who are vying for the love of Sarah. It keeps you guessing right until the shocking conclusion. Definitely check this film out if you are a fan of 80's horror. It is one of the best made in that great era of scary slashers. Watch it on Valentine's Day haha.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Psycho 1960

Horror Fanatic Challenge #17 - Favourite Black&White Horror Movie.

First of all, I watched only 4-5 black and white horror movies only. Okay maybe less than that. I don't mind watching black and white horror movies, but so far the horror movies I watched aren't scary, with bad acting and nonsense stories. I remember watching Night of the Living Dead, and the whole thing was just so awful and convoluted that I just could not give a crap about anything that was going on. So yeah, I'm not opposed to black and white movies just on the principle that they're black and white, but there are no black and white movies that I've ever found myself enjoying.

Except this movie, Psycho. I watched the remake first, followed by Psycho 2, then Psycho 3 and finally the original concept of Psycho.I was first introduced to the remake when I saw parts of it on TV, I was about 13 when the shower scene came on, I closed my eyes, and stayed there, hugging my father. But what actually scared me, wasn't the fact that the killer murders someone in the bath, but the music. The screaming violin tune is one of the, if not, the most famous tune ever, which was copied to other films such as "Carrie" and "The Amityville Horror". Then, I decided to watch the original classic movie. I normally watch the original after watching derivative horror films. Don't just go around giving credits to movie remakes without mentioning the original piece. Hey without the original, there's no remake, right?

Okay so, this is the only stunning black and white movies my eyes have ever gazed upon. What can I say? Simply one of the most genuinely black and white scary films ever made and perhaps Hitchock's masterpiece. Not to forget, the famous shower scene haha. Norman Bates should have been named the greatest villain of all time. And Bernard Hermann's music? Please. That man was brilliant.

A final note, AVOID the remake. Nothing is on par with the original movie and the director added a couple of unnecessary and gratuitous touches (in the motel scene, Sam is completely nude, the "peeping" scene, Norman masturbates as he secretly watches Marion get undressed before taking her fateful shower - did we need to see THAT to understand that Marion had become the object of his repressed desire? I don't think so). The original, however, is a MUST SEE, whether you are a horror aficionado or not. 

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ex's mother.

Get to the stage where I think I'm coming through all the torment and heartache, through the worst of it. Then his mother, who I totally adore will not leave me alone lol. She's a lovely woman and she's very kind towards me. She has an amazing outlook on life that I really want to learn from her because she's so positive.

She knows how much I loved his son and would do anything but my ex really messed me around. Treated me weirdly and I still put up with it until I found out he's cheating on me.

And I'm torn whether or not I should reply her messages, keep in contact with her because I just really admire her as a mentor, as a woman I can look up to. It has nothing to do with my ex and it saddens me that she is his mother since I know she has no obligations to keep in contact with me anymore since her son and I broke up.

I don't want her to think that I'm ignoring her. But I don't want to give the impression that I'm keeping in contact with her because of him. I really have no other intentions. I haven't talked to my ex in months and I plan on never speaking to him again. I know for a fact that we will not get back together. I have already moved on.

Well I guess, sometimes you end up having a great friendship with people's parents, just because a relationship ends, doesn't mean you can't still keep it friendly with their family ay (as long as it's not obsessive).
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