Monday, May 11, 2015

Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (KMPP) Semester 2.

Memori terakhir dengan Farah. She wants to continue her studies at The University of Nottingham.
Jadi, bye bye KMPP.

We miss you Farah ;(
First time celebrating my birthday with friends from KMPP :)  Awal pagi sudah kena prank. Habis satu badan and my bed kena kasi bedak haiz. Roommates kaki buli betul -.- Then Iylia a.k.a. KMPP artist sang a birthday song pagi-pagi buta, dapat hadiah, cakes, kena belanja makan pizza, chicken chop, all the unhealthy food bahaha. It was really memorable!
Orang buat experiment, I take selfies muahahaha :P
Outside DK 2 with Iylia. Red is sexy~
HPV Vaccine at Dewan Al-Farabi. For free woots woots.

Kingsman with loverlies at Sunway Carnival Mall.

So for my roommate's 19th birthday, me and Eve decided that we needed to prank her hard. Instead of throwing flour and powder, we mixed milo, coffee, nestum and more and threw it blatantly dia masuk bilik lepas mandi. Kena mandi lagi la ni budak haha~
Physics experiment paling main2 haha. But we managed to get the readings tho. *winkwink*
F2P2~ Harith Iskander did a show in Dewan Al-Farabi and hell he's funny!
P1/P2 babes. And yeah we got ourselves into the Malaysian Book of Records for ' most number of newspaper articles cut out  ' LOL.
That's me trying to determine the wavelength of sodium light. Kantoi tidak pakai lab coat :P
Wefie before English presentation. We were supposed to study programming but oh well~
Epic fail wefie with our Physics practical lecturer, Pn.  haha.
Balai cerup. 
Volleyball teammates with Sir Shamsul~

Photoshoot F2P1/F2P2.

F2 Perimbun girls.
Ni la akibatnya panas gila nak mampus pagi2 buta.
Wefie with Chemistry practical lecturer, Miss Wong.
F2P2 got the first place untuk Organic Chemistry Mind Map,
Another Chemistry lecturer who makes good analogies, Pn. Hartini.
Computer Science lecture and tutorial lecturer, Pn. Siti Latifah,
Mathematics tutorial lecturer, Sir Chai Mun.
Physics tutorial lecturer, Cik Baizura. 
Last day of class WOOOOTS.
F2 dinner night.

Last lecture. Wefie bila sudah halau semua praktikum keluar MUAHAHA.
Yep that's Pentad. All the lecturers will be in there except for Computer Science and ko-k lecturers.
Eve's birthday surprise. We had to celebrate her birthday earlier which was on study week :(
Kita semua sudah balik rumah masing-masing bah masa hari jadi dia yang sebenar :(
But still we had a ball that day.
We ate unhealthy food the whole day my gosh.
Hari terakhir di Matriks. Before Physics paper sempat lagi bergambar HAHA.
I was the first to leave B4.2.4 haha. Sad *sobs* :'(
Last picture with roommates. Mommy and Shivani Natalia the bunny menyibuk haha,
There are more pictures but I'm too lazy to upload everything here. A lot of things had happened during Semester 2. Good and bad. Mostly good haha.

All good things must come to an end ay?

Goodbye, KMPP. 
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