Saturday, May 9, 2015

Kolej Matrikulasi Pulau Pinang (KMPP) Semester 1.

Let's begin.

First week - Orientation week (also known as not-enough-sleep week)

First outing with the Perimbun girls. Makan PizzaHut wooo! 

Went Genting Highlands before UPS with Aina and her sister. And yes I found my favourite flower - CACTUS WOOO. So prettyyyyyy.
Tennis with roommates. Coach Eve taught us to play tennis :)
First roommates photo haha. They are definitely the best roommates evaaaaa! 

A day before mid sem 1 holiday. Raya Mood: On. 
Makan2 with gugurl P1/P2 before our last Chemistry Quiz haha. Had lots of fun with them babes!
Jamuan Buka Puasa with cluster B girls in Dewan Al-Farabi. 

Jogging with the professionals. From left, Eve the tennis champ, me, Qian Hui the sportswoman champ and Hui Lee the naughty girl haha.
Silang Budaya with my practicum mates.
Silang Budaya with roommates
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Outing with Iylia and her roommates. Watched The Expendables 3.

My lab partner, Iylia HO(bo) hehe. We managed to finish all 4 experiments on time. Woots!

Outing with Aina, Ziha and Umi. Watched The Maze Runner at Sunshine Mall.
Haha found Charlie outside Iylia's room. Taped it immediately and watched this little monster die slowly MUAHAHA,
Let me introduce you to my best friend, Charlie. " Once it is in contact with your skin, it will not bite. It will just secrete acid. Acid that burns your skin and leaves a mark there. And it is quite painful. You CANNOT kill Charlie. Killing Charlie will just attract more Charlie to your room. All you have to do is to take a cellophane tape and tape Charlie to the ground or to the wall. Charlie will suffocate and die. After that you can peel off the tape and dispose of it. It sounds cruel really, but we have no choice. " - KMPP senior.

Memori terakhir dengan Syikin ( the one who's holding the monopod ). Syikin dapat IPG. 
Independence Day. Orang sibuk mengibarkan bendera, yang di tepi ni sibuk study.
Dari Kanan ( Balqis, Auni, Shika, Hui Lee, Qian Hui, Eve, Kah Hui, Salwa, Yaya )

Bila gugurls P1/P2 pegang DK hoho.
Tired as hell. Ran 6 km (kot  haha). 
After Larian KAKOM. We got free foooooooooood. 
Etika memakan "Western Food". Kemahiran Dinamika with Sir Shangkar. Senang mau kenal Sir, dia pakai wheelchair. Jika perlu motivasi, jumpa dialah bah. :)
Last class with English tutorial lecturer, Sir Ahmad Bakhtiar. The best English teacher I can say.
Pensyarah Gangster, jangan main-main.  

Last class with Chemistry tutorial lecturer, Pn. Husna. I got a solid A because of her. Bangga sia. Tidak faham, pergi jumpa dia di Pentadbiran. She's good in explaining. She uses analogies (explaining ideas by comparing it to something that is familiar)
Umi's parents came to visit us on study week. Apa lagi si Umi ni, minta la bawa pergi pantai mau release tension konon. 

Last day of Semester 1. Lepas MUET Listening Test. Memang ingat mau balik ja ni waktu haha. 
Well, it is sheer bad luck that KMPP is the host for KAKOM last session AND this session. KAKOM last session was zonal, while KAKOM this session is national. KAKOM is a sports event. A very major sports event where one can obtain very high co-curricular marks. KMPP got second place. And then, end of Semester One.

Semester 2 - Next post :) 
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