Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Feast (2005)

Horror Fanatic Challenge #15 - Favourite Monster Movie.

Feast - Gruesome, gore, trash and funny!

Feast does not have story, but it is gruesome, trash and gore. It's also really funny, and the way the movie plays with character stereotypes had me guessing as to which character was going to get it next. There were moments when I was seriously shocked by the blatant violation of standard horror conventions. It takes real talent to play with cliches so effectively. There are no explanations about the origin of the monsters, but disgusting and nasty special effects in the fast-paced and ridiculous attacks of the creatures that does not give time for thinking how silly the story is. I'm not really into monster movies but this is a good movie to watch.

I watched Feast 2 and Feast 3 as well. Not as good as the first sequel but these 2 movies are actually more gross. There's this baby scene in Feast 2. The guy swings down from the roof on a cable, grabs the kid (which has been sitting in a car for a day and nobody noticed, not even the monsters), runs off and slips past the monsters WAY too easily, then somehow swings back onto the roof from the ground, and nobody helps him up as he slips off. Then he tosses the baby away as he runs, even though that's the whole reason he went down. HAHA. Funny. 

I wanted to write a review about The Mist, but then I bet most of you have already seen this. Plus, it is less gory. Same goes to most of the well-known monster movies like Predator, The Mummy, Godzilla, Jeepers Creepers, Silent Hill, etc. So I chose Feast instead as not many people know about this movie. Highly recommended for horror comedy fans and fans of the cast members. Not recommended for those who have difficulties with extremely disgusting gore. 


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