Friday, November 21, 2014

Early birthday surprise.

It's less than a week 'til my birthday. And a few hours back, someone was calling me non-stop around 12am. Yes, 12 AM. Me being emo the whole day *LOL*, didn't bother to pick up his phone calls. And suddenly, my telephone rang. I had no choice but to answer the telephone cause everyone was sleeping excluding mommy. It's him. My lovely ass, Sean.

He knew I wasn't in a good mood since yesterday (But I was okay when I hungout with my girlfriends! They are totally my babes!). So, this ass called me and asked me to go to the balcony. At that moment, I thought he was going to scare me with his stupid lame stories. I guessed wrong. He was down there with Joe, Livya and Harith, waving at me and screamed 'Happy Advanced Birthday, Meowling!'. I shushed at them blatantly haha.

Apa lagi, I went down and straight away gave them a hug. I never ever in my life had this kind of surprise. I hate to say this but hell I loved it. I know I sound so weird right now (I hate birthday surprises.). They bought me a cake, it tasted like coffee. Thumbs up for that. And then, pressiesss. 

Sean gave me shoes. They are more than just beautiful shoes, they were exactly what I wanted. Livya and Joe gave me a dress. Too sexy. Harith gave me a lucky charm bracelet. I tried it and my hand turned out really pretty hoho. Even  Ash and John gave me a gift. They asked Sean to pass it to me. I don't know what is it called but I LOVE IT. There's also letters from them. Very cute. We talked for awhile. Laughed alot. 

And now, I am whatsapp-ing ass. He said that the bday surprise should be tomorrow, right before I leave Selangor. But just to cheer me up cause I was 'sad' konon, Sean changed the plan and surprised me today hahaha. Thank you so much for this! I love you guys to the max. ♡ 
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