Friday, November 28, 2014

Ask Fm.

Sean was being such a pain in the ass since yesterday. But I like it hagagaga. I was complaining to him as usual until I fell asleep. This morning, we continued chatting.

So yeah, everyone is asking about my askfm. I was supposed to delete it after the game is done. There were some reasons that caused me to delete it earlier.

But guess what? I'm on askfm again woooo -.- So, don't forget to ask me any questions while the game is still going on. Once the game is over, no questions will be answered anymore. By the way, this punishment is extended to a longer period just because I broke the rules. *insertsademoticon*

And this. Remember my previous post about elites? Some of my friends mocked me. They said I'm one of them. Ah hell no. Elites are hardworking. Salute them for that. *Bows* I am super duper lazy when it comes to studying. My results are good? So what? That was before. Just stop telling me that I'm one of them. If not.. *bangbang*

Ps: I just realised that today's post is based on our conversation on whatsapp.
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