Wednesday, September 10, 2014


The dictionary describes them as: 
A class of people enjoying superior intellectual, social, or economic status.

According to eighteen years old like me, 'Elites' meant those super-clever-studious-students from prestigious schools.

And one of the negative things said about these so-called elites, is that a lot of them are uncaring, proud people who looks down on people who are not as good as them.

About one year ago, I would have no problem with these elites. Majority of the people around me are normal, playful people who didn't care so much about whether their exam results are better than their friends or not. Nothing matters as long as we would not have to stay back and repeat the school year. Of course there was about three or four girls who cared a lot about their studies and set very high expectations for themselves, but they aren't proudish or what at all. they studied their own things, leave us lazy bums as we are, and accepted us for what we are as friends.

It was till I got abit more active in using the internet this year, when I realised that the world isn't such a nice place after all. Over the internet, I often see students from prestigious schools looking down and making snobbish remarks on people who attend neighbourhood schools. Yes, i do not deny that they are talented, clever genius who can calculate 268 x 895 within a few seconds and they ought to be 'WOWed' by us for that, but.... so what?

I'm not targeting all elites out there. I know some are really nice, friendly people, but it's just a few black sheep. They ought to know that not everyone puts academic studies as a first priority. I would very much rather spend my teenage years having fun with friends, get average scores for exams and be happy. If you were to put me into a school surrounded by elite friends who are so competitive that even the smallest class test also have to compete, I can confidently say that i would think life is miserable and boring. so what if I get better results than others? That doesn't ensure that I would be happy everyday.

Those elites who tend to look down on less-intelligent people, think again. Maybe having super-good results is LIFE to you, but please do remember that other people might not think that way. Entering a prestigious school and getting the best exam are not very important to us. and our lives still go on peacefully without all that intelligence -.-

Yes, those elites study a lot and tend to get better jobs in the future. But if i have to waste my teenage years studying and studying all the time just to get a high job position, I prefer having fun in my teenage years, and have an average stable job in the future.
Who cares about what others would think of me. What matters is that I'm happy with my life, isn't it?

P.s - This post has no offense to those elites out there. Do not worry, I know studies are important. I'll still take them seriously and try my very best in it :)
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