Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

Horror Fanatic Challenge #12 : Most Disturbing Horror Movie

I have mixed feelings about this film, I liked the originality of the concept and some thrilling and suspense filled chase/crawl scene when the victims were trying to escape the mad surgeon,it's sorta like a psychological thriller. The actors were good specially the guy who played the surgeon , he really crept me out. The plot and its main character are completely over-the-top absurd, the depiction of gore is gratuitous and nauseating and the tone of the movie is continuously surreal. It's the type of film where you are practically forced to think stuff like "what kind of sick and depraved human mind could possibly have come up with such a horror concept". The answer: Dutch born writer/director Tom Six. 

If you know nothing about this movie, allow me to enlighten you. The film revolves around a deranged surgeon who propels the old hallmark of a 'mad doctor' to delirious extremes. He kidnaps people and sews them together mouth to anus (Yes you read that correctly). Through that procedure which involves removal of the teeth and stitching together the skin of the forward and rear victim, the digestive system is thereby connected. This combined with slicing ligaments in the knees to prevent erect walking and you got yourself one human centipede.

All the merits of these film , sadly it is over shadowed by a sick and disgusting concept, its original but I think only a person with a fetish for eating human waste would like the idea of a human centipede horror movie. 

But overall, I personally felt this film was quite enjoyable, and weird enough to be interesting. Tom Six is already planning a sequel entitled The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence). The dark cloud that looms over this project will be the tendency of directors to try an one-up their originals, usually through increased gore, instead of expanding upon the elements that worked, such as the tension and the allowed space for the viewers mind to go wild. Necessity of a follow-up aside, this is one of the single most brazen and memorable works of horror in many years; see it if you dare. I definitely am gonna see that one. And also THC II (Full Sequence). THC II is more unsettling and gory than its infamous predecessor. There are scenes of mutilation, urination, serial defecation, ligament-cutting, tooth-pulling, vomiting and rape. I'm not going to watch this alone for sure bhahahaha.


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