Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cabin Fever 2002

Horror Fanatic Challenge #10: Horror movie everyone loves but you don't.

Okay I had heard little about this film. I rented and watched this movie on DVD, I wanted to watch it, being a horror aficionado. So, after 15 minutes of watching I've noticed that something is wrong with this movie. It's mothereffing TERRIBLE! This movie makes me want to puke and then puke again. I mean, in the trailers it looked scary and serious! 

This was by far the worst movie I have ever seen in my life. Plot? Not there. Scary? Nope. Visual effect? Overdone. NOTHING SAVES THIS MOVIE. Not even the acting! 

Why was it so bad? Let me start, and I warn you there may be spoilers here, but, I'm really not spoiling anything.

First and foremost, you have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA who the characters are, where they come from, why they are going out in the woods ( Yes, it's a vacation, but, that's about all we know about them ). As they start to die off, you're almost glad.

Second, we have the messed up love situation between Paul and Karen. I mean, she comes on to the guy constantly but doesn't do anything and, so, as a result, he feels inclined to feel her up while she sleeps? Seriously?!

Third, we have the psychotic fifth wheel kid, who shoots a guy then leaves him for dead. Gee, I wonder if that might come back to haunt them? Oh, and it does. And not only is he shot, but he's infected with some super-virus that seems to do just about everything - melt skin, vomit blood, cause mass hysteria. You get the idea.

Now, this is just the general idea of the movie. Let's not forget the messed up grandfather who owns a little "general store", who doesn't really seem to care that his son(s) have just gotten killed and seems to have no problem selling guns to the next group of kids who come into town. Not to mention the messed up kid sitting on the chair who seems to bite hands and perform wild karate kicks upon the mention of 'pancakes' ( If you want an answer to that one, don't see the movie; you won't find it. )

Best part of the movie? The credits. That made me stand and cheer. Ninety minutes of good life wasted here. Please, save yourself an hour and a half and do something more productive. Watching grass grow, perhaps, is a proper alternative.


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