Friday, May 16, 2014

28 Weeks Later ( 2007 )

Horror Fanatic Challenge #13 - Favourite Zombie Movie

Shiznits. I didn't notice there's favourite zombie movie. I wrote 3 of my favourite zombie movies in previous post. This is going to be hard.

OK, I'm a zombie-buff. I like zombie flicks but I'm also quite picky in what flicks pass through my bullshit filter. Land of the Dead, for example, was one of those who didn't pass. 28 Weeks Later did. And then some.

European horror movies used to be theatrical, low-budget and suffering from it, and badly edited. Like its predecessor, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later is nothing like that. I must say this is one of the best zombie movies I have seen (and I have seen hundreds), for a number of reasons. Although the movie does juggle many clichés, it does so kind of skillfully, so that you can really expect to be surprised. Most importantly, however, the sequel is as good as the original, which is the greatest surprise of all in the horror genre.

I usually do not like sequels, but "28 Weeks Later" is a good complement of "28 Days Later". The story follows the tragic epidemic in Great Britain basically from where the original movie ended, and in spite of having some flaws, it works. The frantic edition of the action scenes is confused, too close, with many cuts, in a pace of video-clip and does not offer the necessary continuity of the action to give the big picture of what is happening; actually it is terrible. The story is predictable, but entertains. The conclusion indicates the possibility of another sequel in Paris, which I hope does not come true.

Bring on "28 Month's later"! Teehee~


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