Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Orphanage ( El Orfanato )

Horror Fanatic Challenge #9 : Favourite Supernatural Horror Movie

The Orphanage 2007 - May be in Spanish, but it scares in all languages.

This film is less like a traditional horror movie and more of a mystery with strong supernatural elements. The setup is that Laura, who once lived at an orphanage, returns to the orphanage with her husband and son to start it up again as a place for special needs children. Of course, it all seems simple, but there are mysteries abound in this story and the revelations trickle in over the course of the tale.

One of the creepiest factors of "The Orphanage" is its sound design. The house contains plentiful creaks and groans, which seem to come standard in all haunted houses, but the real frights come from the music. As well as being ambrosial to the ears, it has the power to induce an assortment of emotions. It can bring a tear to your eye, or make you cramp up in your seat from suspense.

But the real enjoyment comes from the acting. Horror films are known for having some of the campiest acting out of all the film genres, but "The Orphanage" is one of those rare gems where the actors are so great they make you think, "Yeah, maybe they really are experiencing supernatural phenomena." And Kudos to BelĂ©n Rueda (Laura) for having the most range and believably in the entire movie. Her performance transcends the language barrier and makes you forget you're reading subtitles.

And of course, "The Orphanage" isn't perfect. One of its weakest points is that it is a bit cliche. There are a bunch or creepy kids, there is a medium that contacts the dead, and gosh, does that house ever shut up? But with all that aside, "The Orphanage" is still a classy and mysterious supernatural movie that will keep you guessing until the end. Do yourself a favor and go see this film despite the subtitles.

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