Monday, March 10, 2014

Blind, mute or deaf .

I thought about this question just now. Would i rather be blind, mute or deaf?

Okay, I'm not cursing myself but I was just wondering, of the blinds, the mutes and the deafs, which of them are the most 'lucky'?

If I'm blind, I could not look at cute people/stuff.
:( Life would be so boring *yawns* ahaha.

If I'm mute, I would not be able to talk.
:( Cannot la *stamps foot and protest* talking is my hobby!

If I'm deaf, I would not be able to listen to nice nice songs.
:( I wouldn't be able to listen to sweet talks! *sobs*

After weighing out the importance and non-importance of the consequences of each, I settled on being mute. At least when I'm mute, I can use a notepad or whiteboard to express my feelings. I would still be able to communicate. *cheers*

If I'm deaf, I would live life miserably. Imagine watching tv without sounds, being unable to eavesdrop on conversations, being unable to listen to music. Live in a world devoided of noise? I can't.

If I'm blind, I could not watch tv, could not blog, could not walk properly, could not enjoy nature, could not read comics, could not see how my food look like, etc. I think being blind is the worst of the 3. Being blind equals to not being able to do many things :(

I suddenly feel that I'm so so so lucky to have all 3.
I can see.
I can talk.
I can hear.
Hurray :)

I just realised that i wrote an entry about being blind, mute and deaf.
I have nothing better to do lol.
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