Sunday, March 16, 2014

How to wear men's shirts - daddy's shirt :P

Tried doing this with Odelia.
Odelia tried it first with her bra on.
Without bra *thumbs up*
We took some pictures btw.
Should I post the pictures here?
I guess not.
Too sexy bhahaha.
If you want to, you can check it out on Odelia's instagram :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Here's one random update. I have absolutely no idea what I'm gonna blog about, because there seems to be no interesting things happening recently. First of all, to freshen you guys up, here's something beautiful.

I've just changed my boring desktop background to Miranda Kerr's picture. That means that every time I log in, I would see a beauty appear in front of me. After which I would look into the mirror and cry at the big difference between us. After wasting 1001 tears, I'll look back into the computer screen and carry on with life. HAHA.

Went out with Sean today. He wanted to buy a gift for someone he's chasing, but he doesn't want to buy jewelries because he thinks it's too common. I suggested flowers. But he said flowers are common too. He said that every guy give flowers, so it's not special. Furthermore, he explained that real flowers die in a few days and fake flowers represent fake love. I think his opinion represents half the male population out there. Sometimes guys are so realistic. Err, girls actually love that particular moment when they receive the flowers. It doesn't matter how long those flowers last, right?

Anyway, that day my whole block blacked out, and I had to play the hero and switch the main switch back. The main switch is at the top hidden corner of a storeroom on the first floor... and the storeroom is those kind of storerooms that is so filled up with 'things', that you cannot step even one feet into it. I figure out how to climb up to the top, by first stepping on the vacuum cleaner (which luckily didn't break), stepping on an unstable ladder, a stack of pails, some unknown packages, and some bags of something. I reached the top, and switched the main switch back. Feeling rather adventurous, I started climbing my way down. Aite, I slipped and injured my feet. Hurts like hell man T_T

Nevermind, that's called
I saved a whole tank of fishes from dying due to the lack of oxygen k!
If I hadn't sacrificed injuring my feet to switch the main power, their oxygen tank would not even start, and they would not even survive till now to welcome their owner home everyday.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chances to cherish

I was reading someone's article and found this story.

It was a rainy night, and 4 robbers got up on a bus which has a few passengers and a female bus driver. After robbing the people, the 4 robbers pulled the female bus driver down the bus and took turns to rape her by the roadside, behind some trees. All the passengers in the bus saw what happened but no one dared to save her. One young man couldn't take it any longer, and stood up. He asked the other passengers to help him and they would all attack the robbers together. However, the other passengers were too afraid and none of them volunteered to help. In the end, that young man went down the bus alone and tried to pull the robbers away from the female driver. Of course, the young man was of no help and injured himself severely. The robbers left after they finished raping the driver. The female driver went up the bus with injuries and proceeded to continue the journey. Surprisingly, she did not let the young man up the bus. In the end, the young man was picked up by another passing-by car and was sent to the hospital. A few hours later, the police found the bus at the bottom of a mountain. All the passengers and the bus driver were found dead inside. It turned out that the bus driver was angry with the passengers for not helping her, and deliberately drove the bus down the cliff. The reason why she didn't let the man up the bus, was because she didn't want to kill him together with the other useless passengers.

Actually, the passengers had 3 chances to save their own lives, but they didn't cherish it.

First Chance: When the robbers pulled the bus driver down the bus, not only they didn't dare to help, no one even tried to speak.

Second Chance: When the brave young man asked for volunteers, none of them helped even though they knew that in order to fight off the robbers, they need the strength of all of them.

Third Chance: After the bus driver was raped, none of the passengers tried to comfort her, or even care. they just kept quiet.

If only they had tried any effort to cherish any of the 3 chances, the ending would be different. It was themselves who dug their own grave. There are thousands of chances for us to save ourselves in every disaster, only that they come in different forms. The only thing is whether we cherish these chances or whether we want to cherish them or not.

Blind, mute or deaf .

I thought about this question just now. Would i rather be blind, mute or deaf?

Okay, I'm not cursing myself but I was just wondering, of the blinds, the mutes and the deafs, which of them are the most 'lucky'?

If I'm blind, I could not look at cute people/stuff.
:( Life would be so boring *yawns* ahaha.

If I'm mute, I would not be able to talk.
:( Cannot la *stamps foot and protest* talking is my hobby!

If I'm deaf, I would not be able to listen to nice nice songs.
:( I wouldn't be able to listen to sweet talks! *sobs*

After weighing out the importance and non-importance of the consequences of each, I settled on being mute. At least when I'm mute, I can use a notepad or whiteboard to express my feelings. I would still be able to communicate. *cheers*

If I'm deaf, I would live life miserably. Imagine watching tv without sounds, being unable to eavesdrop on conversations, being unable to listen to music. Live in a world devoided of noise? I can't.

If I'm blind, I could not watch tv, could not blog, could not walk properly, could not enjoy nature, could not read comics, could not see how my food look like, etc. I think being blind is the worst of the 3. Being blind equals to not being able to do many things :(

I suddenly feel that I'm so so so lucky to have all 3.
I can see.
I can talk.
I can hear.
Hurray :)

I just realised that i wrote an entry about being blind, mute and deaf.
I have nothing better to do lol.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Orphanage ( El Orfanato )

Horror Fanatic Challenge #9 : Favourite Supernatural Horror Movie

The Orphanage 2007 - May be in Spanish, but it scares in all languages.

This film is less like a traditional horror movie and more of a mystery with strong supernatural elements. The setup is that Laura, who once lived at an orphanage, returns to the orphanage with her husband and son to start it up again as a place for special needs children. Of course, it all seems simple, but there are mysteries abound in this story and the revelations trickle in over the course of the tale.

One of the creepiest factors of "The Orphanage" is its sound design. The house contains plentiful creaks and groans, which seem to come standard in all haunted houses, but the real frights come from the music. As well as being ambrosial to the ears, it has the power to induce an assortment of emotions. It can bring a tear to your eye, or make you cramp up in your seat from suspense.

But the real enjoyment comes from the acting. Horror films are known for having some of the campiest acting out of all the film genres, but "The Orphanage" is one of those rare gems where the actors are so great they make you think, "Yeah, maybe they really are experiencing supernatural phenomena." And Kudos to BelĂ©n Rueda (Laura) for having the most range and believably in the entire movie. Her performance transcends the language barrier and makes you forget you're reading subtitles.

And of course, "The Orphanage" isn't perfect. One of its weakest points is that it is a bit cliche. There are a bunch or creepy kids, there is a medium that contacts the dead, and gosh, does that house ever shut up? But with all that aside, "The Orphanage" is still a classy and mysterious supernatural movie that will keep you guessing until the end. Do yourself a favor and go see this film despite the subtitles.


So this is what I do on Line when I'm not chatting, calling, texting blah blah. 
I love Line. 
All for freeee. 
The emojis are also cool.
Promote sikit ahaha.
Cute Spinning Flower Black