Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stake Land 2010

Horror Fanatic Challenge 6# : Favourite Vampire Movie

Stake Land ( 2010 ) - Fantastically paced vamp film !

This is definitely one of the best post-apocalyptic movie of the decade. The plot is simple. If you saw "The Road", you'll know what to expect (except for vamps:)). The beginning somehow reminded me "Zombieland" but that one was forgotten after a few minutes. The acting is really good, especially from Nick Damici. Make up effects are really cool. Director and co-writer Jim Mickle did a really great job in creating a bleak, hopeless and relentless world.

I am very impressed with Stake Land, in terms of being a very well made film. You simply have to admire the cinematography (lighting and shooting style was responsible for the realism factor), storyline (character development was top notch), production (realistic locations and sets), directing (credit to the director & his team) and acting (thumbs up). 

I was hooked from beginning to the end. That's for sure.

p/s : Actually, there's another vampire movie that I liked. Unfortunately I have forgotten the title of the movie :(

In a near future, the North America is an anarchic country after a vampire apocalypse. The teenager Martin is preparing to travel with his parents when they are attacked by a vampire. Martin is rescued by the stranger Mister and after killing the vampire, they head to the north expecting to reach the New Eden, former Canada. Along their journey through the destroyed country, Mister trains Martin and they rescue and befriend other survivors and have to fight not only against the vampires, but also a dangerous brotherhood of fanatic religious members led by the insane Jebedia Loven.


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