Monday, September 30, 2013

House of 1000 Corpses 2003

Horror Fanatic Challenge 4# : Horror Movie You Thought You'd Love And Hated Instead

House of 1000 Corpses 2003 - Total trash DX

It is a foul, perverted, depraved piece of work that never should have been made. The choppy editing, the negative images, and the random S&M footage made the movie difficult to watch, and did not make it any scarier.

When I voted for this film, I was wishing that IMDB had a 0 or negative stars. This was one of the worst pieces of crap I ever set eyes on. If I had paid (borrowed the DVD) to see this, I'd have wanted my money back. Whoever gave Rob Zombie the money to make this ludicrous, poorly written, shot, edited and acted piece of crap should be made to watch it over and over until they are insane. 

This was without a doubt, one of the most useless wastes of cinema ever! Even the original and vastly overrated Texas Chainsaw Massacre was better. Amateurish at best, absolute garbage at worst, it just shows how far Hollywood has fallen. Not an ounce of originality in this worthless waste of time and effort. 

I'm sorry Rob Zombie to disappoint you ;(

p/s : The soundtracks are awesome though :)

Short Story Line
Two teenage couples traveling across the backwoods of Texas searching for urban legends of murder end up as prisoners of a bizarre and sadistic backwater family of serial killers.


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