Saturday, March 23, 2013

This is the life

Hi readers. It's been a long time right? It's nice to write a post again after so long. I'm not sure whether
you still bother to view my blog until now or not but whatever. Thanks for those who actually still follow the updates. Since now they have "Tumblr", so no one actually cares to create or manage a blog any more  Except me, sesat here. I love Blogger. It's way better than Tumblr if you ask me :) Why? Ask yourself.

By the way, you must have been wondering why was I away for so long. The first reason is because I joined RCIA last year until now, making me as busy as a bee. Second, I'm lazy. Super LAZY. I just got my test results last week. It was terrible. Horrible. Formidable. Awful. That's the first time I actually did very very very very bad in exam/test whatever. Maybe it's because I was into RCIA till I forgot about my studies in school. But at least I passed my RCIA test :) My classmates were like " Shika, what happened? Are you okay? Do you have problems? You look happy even though you did bad in your test. Don't you worry about SPM? " blah blah blah.

Well that's me. I'm always neutral. When I'm sad, frustrated, stressed, happy, sick, angry etc, I don't show it. Okay, maybe sometimes yes. Obviously I'm dead worried about SPM. It's just around the corner. What should I do now? Study? I hate studying. I have been telling this to my momma since last year. She replied, ' It's okay honey. One year left and you'll be free for three months. Then maybe you'll change your mind. If you wanna be rich, then study and get a good job.'

No mom, no. I hate STUDYING. I'm never gonna change that. Just to get money, I have to study? Why?! Whatever. I don't care about being clever, funny, pretty now. Sighs*

Okay. Fine. I will study my ass off from now on. I'm doing this because of my parents. Because I love them. And I almost forgot. I have God who is always there for me :)
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