Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I'm 16, and I have sinned many times, and on various occasions.
I did something after I told God I wouldn't do.
I'm so depressed now!
Will God forgive me?
I hope so.

Anyone who feels the same can refer to this-

Well the bible gives sound guidelines in what we have to do in order to be forgiven by him.

Repentance involves both mind and heart. The wrongness of the course or act must be recognized, and this requires an acknowledgement that God’s standards and will are righteous. Ignorance or forgetfulness of his will and standards is a barrier to repentance.

If there is faith and love for God in the person’s heart, there will be sincere regret, sadness over the wrong course. Appreciation for God’s goodness and greatness will make transgressors feel keen remorse at having brought reproach on his name.

Repentance marks a halt in the person’s wrong course, the rejection of that wrong way, and the determination to take a right course. 

If you want to be forgiven you have to be SINCERE in your regret by letting God know in prayer and STOPPING the wrong doing. If you ask for forgiveness yet go right back doing the wrong actions, can you really expect to be forgiven?

Contemplate: 1 John 3:19-22 and see how those scriptures can help you with understanding the importance of repentance for forgiveness.
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