Thursday, November 29, 2012

Try - Pink, cover by Jayesslee

I adore them so much! 
Their voices are amazing!
Try listening to it.
I hope you guys enjoy this!
Peace :)

When boredom strikes - again.

1. Full name : Shika Hanna
2. Nickname : Shika, Hanna, Anna, etc
3. Primary school : SK Taman Cuepacs
4. Tall or Short : I’m short :(
5. Have crush on someone : Adam Levine
6. Pepsi or coke : Pepsi 1D !

Have you ever ,
7. Been in an airplane : Oh yeah, it’s fun! and scary….
8. Been in a relationship : Mentally dating celebrities that don't even know I exist, so yeah ;)
9. Been in a car accident : NO.

First & last ,
10. First best friend : Um, a Chinese boy named Wai Wai.
11. First word : Gaga ?? I have no idea, need to ask my mom.
12. Last person you talked to in person : Daddy!
13. Last person you texted : Sean.

14. Last friend you watched a movie with : Thiveya, Felicity and Mandeep.

15. Last food you ate : Hot and spicy fish yum yum yum :9
16. Last movie you watched in theaters : Sinister, wasn’t happy with the ending.
17. Last song you listened to : Ready Or Not by Bridget Mendler

18. Last thing you bought : A chemistry book -.-

Favorites ,
19. Food : Any spicy food :D
20. Drink : Soya Bean and Coffeeee
21. Animal : I LOVE TIGERS.
22. Color : Black?
23. Place : My room :3
24. Movie : Wrong Turn 1-5, The Shrine, wait, there are a lot of movies !
25. Subject : UGH none.
 Well maybe Maths, Modern Maths! SAY NO TO ADDITIONAL MATHS.

Have you ever ,
26. Fallen in love with someone : Adam Levineeeeee :3 Haha I don’t know LMAO
27. Eaten a whole pizza : Nope.
28. Did something you regret : Oww yeah.
29. Broke a promise : Yup, sorry :/
30. Hid a secret : Well obviously yeah
31. Pretended to be happy : Who doesn’t ?

Have you ever ,
32. Held a gun/knife for self defense : Um toy gun yes ;)
33. Broke someone’s heart : Maybe
34. Been in love : I don’t know.
35. Been arrested : Nope.
36. Smoke : NOOOOOOO, it’s bad for health!
37. Do drugs : NEVER.
38. Wanted piercings : I pierced my ears. 2 on the right, 1 on the left.

39. Wanted tattoos : Yeah but it is forbidden by the bible. So no.

Do you believe in ,
40. Yourself : Sometimes.
41. Miracles : Totally.
42. Forever & always : Depends. I’m forever and always love Jesus!

Honestly ,
43. Is there one person you want to be with right now : My late uncle Backly R.I.P.
44. Who are your real Friends : God knows who.

45. What is your favourite F word : Freeeeeeeeee!!! ;)
46. What is your favourite B word : Bored.
47. Do you wish to get back with your ex : I don’t even have an ex ;)
48. Do you miss you ex : Refer no. 47
49. What type of partner you want : Can cook, can clean
, independent, has an income, healthy boundaries with friends and family, smart, imaginative like me, sense of humor, understanding, good looking :P and of course taller than me ;)
50. What do you hate : Feeling self-conscious, stupid people who pretend to be smart, war, racism, ignorance.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Are Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dating?

Well we all do not know!
Taylor Swift has been spotted together with One Direction's Harry Styles.
Do you think she'll be writing a son about him soon? xD

I don't know whether it's truth or not but I do think that 'Come Back Be Here' is about Harry.
The lines on the bridge tells it off;

This is falling in love in the cruellest way, 
This is falling for you and you are worlds away.

New York, be here
But you're in London and I break down,
'Cause it's not fair that you're not around.

Look at the 'But you're in London' part. Connor doesn't live in London neither does Jake nor Joe Jonas nor Taylor Lautner. 
Actually none of the people she actually dated lives in London. 
So that leaves us to Harry ;)

Dear Taylor and Harry,
please don't make us go nuts!
Just tell the truth!
We're all confused!
Thank you :3

p/s: I think they're good together! Plus, they're both adorable. They would make a cute couple (:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Take Me Home Yearbook Edition!

Guess who just bought Take Me Home Yearbook Edition - MEEE! 
Allow me to fangirl for a moment :P

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Imma bad blogger :(

It's been so long! I was chatting with a friend and asked her if she had been to my blog. I realized that I haven't been to my blog in so long! It's been a crazy year and so much is going on, I just haven't had time. I really need to get back into designing as I really do enjoy it. I'll see if I can whip something up soon.

Friday, November 2, 2012

One Direction - Little Things ♥

AmaZayn, FabuLouis, BrilLiam, ExtraordinHarry and PhenomeNiall !

Before You Exit ♥

Well, I don't really like Beauty and a Beat that much but you guys made me love this song already! :)
Cute Spinning Flower Black