Friday, December 2, 2011

It's my birthday, TODAY!

and Hannah! It’s crazy. We have the same name, both Sabahan-Indian, and the same birthday! It’s also Britney Spear’s birthday! And my friend Harith’s! :D 
How do I feel?
-I feel so old. I know it’s not old, but still, it’s crazy how time flies. It’s also crazy how things change :/ 
-Well of course I'm happy. Gt many gifts and wishes :D Thank you all for all the great goodies and birthday wishes!!
-I'm sad too! Why? Because my best friend not yet wish me :( Maybe she has other important things to do huh? Haiz And not just that. There's more! hahaha I'm not gonna blog about it :P Embarrassing LOL

Sean did this hahaha! And he recorded a video of him and the gang singing Happy birthday ;)
(Shall upload it later cause internet connection is superduper low)
Thank you so much! You guys are awesome ;) That's why I love all of you :)
And the first person who wished me is you Sean lol sorry, its Thiveya! Macam mana boleh tertulis Sean pulak :3
In case if you read this :
Thank you for everything! You made my day :)
And so do others :)
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