Saturday, November 12, 2011

Greyson Chance, you sangat comel la! BUT ADAM LEVINE WILL ALWAYS BE MY NUMBER ONE :P

Just watched AIM 18 and guess what? Greyson's in the house yaw! What's not to love about Greyson Chance? He's cute, so talented (OMG He's voice is so awesome and I think he's better than Bieber) and super duper sweeet!!

He's so awesome, Najwa Latiff too! They both look so perfect together :P I saw some comments in FB, kutuk-ing Najwa especially GIRLS! LOL You people are so stupid, mcm tu pun nak kutuk. Tak baik taw, Tuhan marah! ( Aq panggil org bodoh boleh lak :P )

I'm pretty sure that he's shall be famous like JB one day, maybe. I'm a fan of Greyson but I'm not that obsessed with him mcm yg lain tu -.- , so yeah. Love his songs too btw :) Najwa Latiff's Cinta Muka Buku is awesome too :) Salute kamu la! Sabar je la dengan orang yang perangai buruk tu eh? They can't sing like you :)

I think he is so cute, I think I could faint right now! Hahaha.
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