Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sanctum! =)

When I first saw the trailer about three weeks ago, I couldn’t wait to watch the movie. I got my ticket for a midnight show few days after the opening and was totally excited. And yeah, my intuition was right, it was a great movie. In fact, it’s awesome!! The story line was quite simple actually, but exciting. Rich with thrilling scenes, it’s a fast pace movie that keeps you at the edge of your sit. If there are audience fall asleep, they must be on drugs or something cause I don’t see how they can fall asleep.

The story is about a cave diving expedition team exploring a new cave system where no man has gone before. Everything changes when a tropical storm came and flash flood jammed up the cave entrance, forcing the team to be trapped deeper within the system. Instead of taking their own sweet time, now they really have to explore the cave system fast for their survival. With limited oxygen, food supply, power and an inexperience time mate (she suppose to only observe but now that the unexpected happens, the crew have an inexperienced team mate), the team has to overcome panic and fight through the unfavorable situation to escape the cave system. Thrilling right? Through out the movie, I was thinking of my actions if I were to be trapped like that.

The fascinating thing about the movie is that it offers a lot of breath-taking and beautiful sceneries. Plus with the amazing 3D effect, you just have to check it out. The effect was amazing that I feel like I’m sitting on a comfy sofa underwater while watching it..haha, a bit of exaggeration there, sorry. But you should check out the 3D effect, very nice! The movie also offers some parachute action, wall climbing action and a lot of diving action. Those adrenaline action really excites me big time. And I must say, the role of master diver Frank McGuire played by Richard Roxburgh was impressively done. You make me believe that you are a master diver Richard, good job.

I know I had fun watching it and I highly recommend my friends to watch it ;)

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