Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inside Out Camp

I cant deny, I'm missing IO Camp already! Such a wonderful experience! Meeting new people, doing random stuffs! Everything was just simply awesome! And in a camp with all high schoolers, It was just amazingly amazing... Anything can happen because we're all just happening peoples! Haha!

Well, this camp was definitely a breakthrough for me! To be the group leader of Team A a.k.a Team Physics xD, to lead a group of people who i never really know, to lead devotion early in the morning, to talk in front of the crowd, to put in my hand into a box with frogs, worms, crickets just to find a coin, to do Randy Orton pose in front of everyone in Bus 1 (but failed! Haha) and for the first time of my life, to eat an original strawberry fruit...

But, i really am thankful for Great peoples, Great Leaders, Great Speakers, Great Team mates, Great Opportunities, Great Ice-Breakers, Great Games and everyone and everything in this camp! This camp wouldn't be a joy and I wouldnt have done it without them all! Best of all, I thank God for planning it all so perfectly and beautifully! ;)

Plus, I'm motivated by Andrew's preaching about Passion and also Abel's preaching about Loving God Inside Out ;) It surely had touched my heart and gave me a wake up call of how I'm gonna do greater things for God with faith in 2011.

Conclusion: I was so blessed by IO CAMP 2011 and it was superbly superb and awesomely awesome. The Fun and The Joy was really something i couldn't explain it in words! And the PROTEIN! Hahaha. Hilarious ;DDDDD

Thank you IO Camp! I'm gonna learn to Love God and Grow from the Inside Out ;)

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