Saturday, March 26, 2011


I really never write complains on blogs usually but I really can't stand it anymore. So here goes everything I dislike the most about people.

I dislike :

(a) People who try way too hard to be originally/different.
- This I dislike! What's the point? Heck, just be yourself, act stupid , act smart, act cool, awh man, JUST BE YOURSELF!! Don't try so hard, it just make you less original.

(b) People who think that some things you do are weird when it really isn't.
- Like heck , if I wanna do this just let me do it! Don't give me that look that makes me consider not doing what I wanna do. DON'T MAKE ME FEEL LIKE A DORK. -.- Ultimate DISLIKEEE!! Don't over there snicker snicker so much. urghhh!! Blah. DISLIKE!

(c) People who act so serious and gives you the look that they're smarter than you / bitchy face.
- Gosh, don't give me that look! Don't ACT so calm! and serious. Don't make me feel bad / stupid / retarded. Cause I'm not. Like who are you, to show me that attitude?! I like to talk crap and silly things then let me la. Don't boss me around to make me act like how you want me to. Remember that my crap talks always cheer you up.

Like seriously, what's your problem acting like you're so much better than everyone else, huh? GET OVER YOURSELF! You ain't cool yo! You ain't that smart yo! You ain't awesome yo! -.- Stop bossing me around like you know what's best when you don't. retard.. don't act smart there then say what for my own good, just trying to help me, just trying to teach me or in the end saying 'you just won't listen to anyone.' No, I will listen to you when you actually make sense or approach me with the right attitude.

done complaining. kay thanks bye.
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