Saturday, January 15, 2011

Out of the box...~

Ever since i started Tumblr-ing, i never stopped doing so. Ok, maybe i did backslide a little once in awhile. But once i log into my account and start to view all the pictures/quotes/random stuffs posted by other users, i find it hard to stop. Really really hard.

It is through Tumblr that i discovered loads of cool stuffs. Things which i didn't even know exist. It really inspires me to think out of the box. Life is so much more fun and exciting when you do so. Seriously! These days i really gotta set timer when i Tumblr.

Check these out:
Starbucks' logo - zooming in every year

A guitar pick with words carved on it ;)

Cool stairs.


This is simply creative. The lego blocks are actually containers which you can store things up. And after storing your things, you can stack em' up and actually build something out of it! It kills 3birds with one stone. You can store things, save space, and decorate your house :)

This is for those of us who have more than 3months of holiday. We can do this over-and-over again without having to worry about morning classes :D

Boxes of all sizes stacked up! AWESOME SHIT! ;)

A very creative and meaningful tattoo ;)

A mini book on a ring. I actually think it'd be pretty cool to write your marriage vows in that mini book :) And just in case you forget your marriage vows on your wedding day, you can just flip through the book :D

Moustache hangers! =)

Kit-kat advertisement on a bench. :)

This my friend, is an Ink Calendar. My all-time favourite. The ink will slowly colour each day of the month as time passes by. You don't have to 'X' the dates on your calendars no more! ;)

Flying models.


Don't you just feel like creating a Tumblr account already? :)

Cute Spinning Flower Black