Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to me~!

That I havent been up for like days!!! But I have a reason for that! Its because I had to do...nevermind I dont. BUT ILL MAKE UP FOR THAT!!! Today is my birthday. LET ME HEAR THOSE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! But anyway today is my birthday and nothing special to report it s just now im 14 and that i just got more money than previous years!! Wait a sec... WHERE'S MY PRESSIE?!?!??! hahaha...

Few more days till I get my IPAD, I already ordered the case and some headphones, as Ipads dont come with one. I have been delaying my purchase for weeks because Best Buy runs out of Ipads like CRAZY!!! kk... gtg.. i wanna sleep~! =P Good night readers~! =)
Cute Spinning Flower Black