Sunday, December 26, 2010


How's life people?! I'm dead bored. Seriously?! A holiday without any vacation SUCKS. It had been ages since i posted. Don't feel like writing anything here in this little space of mine huh. Had been using IMVU, facebook and Habbo whenever i'm in cyber world. As usual. Hahaha! :)

Holidays had been great, i enjoyed it alot especially December. Ofcourse, not october when we just gt our holidays and NOT November cos there's always bad things happened to me. HEHEHE.

PMR next year. If you asked me whether am i afraid. If i say no, i must be lying. Haha! Sejarah had been a headache subject for me. ... lesson might be unable to continue next year. LOL BUT HONESTLY, i looked myself in the mirror and i can't believe that i'm form 3 next year. I mean like, OMG IM 15?! HAHA. Thinking back the past when i used to run around with a lollipop. Oh god, a blink of eye, 10 years past.

Life is getting pretty bored seriously! I really wanna get out of Malaysia forever! Like seriously. I'm so glad I have completed all my WBA projects! EXCEPT F :) I don't even want to talk about it actually!

Last Friday WBA results got released while PMR was on last Thursday. My mum was telling " Next year is your turn. Please study hard.OMG.. before school start I'll ask your dad to change the computer password, I'll take away you laptop!" GOD GRACIOUS :(

I'm really miss Thiveya and Faustina alot seriously! So much things are changing! I hate 2010. Next year is gonna be more bored I bet. But next year onwards no more SLACKING, FACEBOOK, HABBO and etc. School is gonna end late everyday I bet. Xtra classes -.- Im sure life is not gonna be the same way it was for the last 3 years ~

When Thiveya was with me we had so much of fun! I cant even think about next year! 2011- PMR - WBA (If only i get in through sec 5) Hurmmm Stress right? Hmmm .. Ralph is going to AUSTRALIA next year with his family -.- Grrrrr I'll be suffering in Malaysia. Whatever! Thats all for today personnes! Au revoir~♥

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