Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review request : Wasabi

Here's a review request made by Z ~

>Title: Wasabi
>Price: RM6.50, RM7.50 SB/SWK
>Created by: Keith
>Cover Page by: Keith
>Published by: Gala Unggul Resources Sdn Bhd, June 2007
>Main characters: Wasabi, Chiro
>Main language: Bahasa Malaysia

Keith finally released his first comic series. The genre for it is obviously comedy. Set in a schooling environment, this graphic novel will show everyone the life and times of all the students there. Every scene and every story is continuous, no longer the four-panel comedy Keith used to do. Here's the layout of this graphic novel: Chiro newly moved to a town trying to adjust to it met one of the most mischievous student, Wasabi. Follow their story throughout this comic.

One of the best thing in this comic is that it is indeed funny. The quality of this comic did not reduce a bit from Keith's transition from four-panel to series. Each chapter passed with laughter because there will be at least one funny scene to make the readers laugh. The storyline is simple to understand as there were no real goal to begin with. All this comic featured was funny and comical violence that are sure to steal readers' heart.

The characters design for this graphic novel is, as always, cute and this time mature a little. This is because there are teenage physique involved in this comic. The character development is good because Keith manage to retain their personality throughout the comic. The panelling for this graphic novel is easy to follow because Keith manage to arrange it nicely. Another thing to praise is that the characters expression were priceless. He manage to capture all emotions available when readers look at the facial expressions.

One of the common problems in this comic is that, it looked like a Japanese influenced manga product. The stroke for this comic seems very similar with how a Japanese artist would do it. If Keith could show another type of unique stroke, it might contribute more to the comic from the creative aspect. As a series, there is not much focus on the side characters such as Diego or Tobi as they too add extra boost to the comic.

Not all effects for this comic is great either. Only certain chapters have good effects. Other than that, the rest of the chapters looked plain without the effect that will add more atmosphere to the whole comic. There is nothing more to complain about this comic actually.

A very funny and exciting comic, this will surely get your funny bone laughing out loud. A fresh look at school life injected with weird and cute characters added extra charm to this comic. Readers should just fork out their money and get this book. Prepare for an exciting journey with every flip of the page.

Pros: Every chapter funny, simple storyline, improved character design, memorable scenes.
Cons: Similar with Japanese manga, same stroke, dull effect.

Rating: 8/10

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