Saturday, October 16, 2010

Darn it..! My exam are coming up in like 1 week!! sigh*

An awesome post need an awesome picture to start the post :) Mind to myself.

Actually I wanna blog about yesterday! Got alot of pic to post over here (:
But I just can't find the fucking wire. Pfft...So I'm here to announce I will blog lesser cause my Final Exam is coming soon! and well.. I haven't started studying! DX, Disaster! Wait, I mean yeah! *We should always think in a positive way right?*

I'm going to blog lesser like a week twice or once? :D So yeah.
Exam is coming up, here to wish everyone good luck to study cause there's too much stuff to distract us like facebook, blogger, msn and WBA project (-o-") , so just keep holding on. ( Lord please help me! )

Oh, for people that didn't know this, it's my WBA year :) Wish me luck for this Final Exam, it's still important right? :)
Cute Spinning Flower Black