Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sorry people.
It's another emo post.
I've alot on my mind but I think it'll come out here incoherently because seriously, my mind's kinda fucked up right now.

I have always believed in the words "sunshine after rain". But I feel that I'm starting to lose faith in these words. What sunshine after rain? All I had this month was storm after storm after storm.

August has been a horrible month for me. After last week's drama, I thought everything would be over, I thought I could get back to my original life.

But no.

Last time whenever I have a bad day, my solution was to sleep and the next day it would be fine. If this week was lousy, the next week would be fine. But this time it was day after day after day. I feel so helpless because everything that is happening is beyond my control. All this is just too much for me to handle. I'm at a loss for decisions and solutions.

I feel like I'm losing everything I have.

You know what I need now?
I don't want to hear people reprimanding me. I just need support and assurance. I just need to know that no matter what decisions I make, be it right or wrong, my life will get well soon.

Will it?

The rihanna part sounds good. not the words. it's just that the way she sings it and the way the melody goes, it sounds so sorrowful as I feel.

Bring me outta here cos i can't get out on my own...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

4 things I do at home that you don't know

1. showing expressions to the mirror
- I like to make random faces at the mirror. Like smiling :D , pouting :[ , shocked face :O , etc. Lol Crazy I know.

2. shouting "bobo" randomly
- Sometimes when I walked pass my bedroom I would shout randomly to the bear(he's named bobo) on my bed "BOBO~~~!!!!!!!" Hahaha

4. dance suddenly
Sometimes I walk halfway I'd dance some really exaggerating moves. If I good mood lah, that's for sure.

5. talk to myself.
Just gibberish nonsense that doesn't makes sense. I guess I just needed to talk. I'm as talkative as how my primary school teachers always comment on my report book.
Cute Spinning Flower Black