Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things we call by brand name rather than what they actually are

I thought of sharing this while I was having my Roti Prata a few days ago and discussing with my cuzy about something related to cheese.

What do you call those cheese slices? I call it Cheesedale!! I guess it resulted from an old advertisement when I was young, and from then on whenever I go to the supermarket with mum I would say: "can buy cheesedale?"

There are actually ALOT of stuff which we call by brand name instead of their generic name! I think it actually shows the success of the brand marketing. Here's my list of items that I called wrongly:

1. Pampers
Actual name: Diapers

My parents call it Pampers and I always thought that it was called Pampers but when I grow up then I realise it is actually a brand name and it should be called Diapers.

2. Kotex
Actual name: Sanitary pads

Mum always asks us if we got enough Kotex, even though sometimes the brand we are using is Intimate.

3. Ajinomoto
Actual name: MSG

4. Colgate
Actual name: Toothpaste

5. Uhu Glue
Actual name: Glue stick

6. Frisbee
Actual name: Flying Disc

7. Google
Actual name: Finding something in a Search Engine (we don't hear people say can you go yahoo that right? )

8. Hula hoop
Actual name: Toy Hoop Ring

9. Photo shop
Actual: Photo Manipulation (I mean, there are other ways to edit pictures besides the photoshop program right?)

10. Tupperware
Actual: Food/Plastic Containers

Can you think of anymore?

I researched some of them, and edited according to local context. Bet you didn't even know you were using Brand name instead of the correct generic name right!!

Shika Hanna
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