Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things we call by brand name rather than what they actually are

I thought of sharing this while I was having my Roti Prata a few days ago and discussing with my cuzy about something related to cheese.

What do you call those cheese slices? I call it Cheesedale!! I guess it resulted from an old advertisement when I was young, and from then on whenever I go to the supermarket with mum I would say: "can buy cheesedale?"

There are actually ALOT of stuff which we call by brand name instead of their generic name! I think it actually shows the success of the brand marketing. Here's my list of items that I called wrongly:

1. Pampers
Actual name: Diapers

My parents call it Pampers and I always thought that it was called Pampers but when I grow up then I realise it is actually a brand name and it should be called Diapers.

2. Kotex
Actual name: Sanitary pads

Mum always asks us if we got enough Kotex, even though sometimes the brand we are using is Intimate.

3. Ajinomoto
Actual name: MSG

4. Colgate
Actual name: Toothpaste

5. Uhu Glue
Actual name: Glue stick

6. Frisbee
Actual name: Flying Disc

7. Google
Actual name: Finding something in a Search Engine (we don't hear people say can you go yahoo that right? )

8. Hula hoop
Actual name: Toy Hoop Ring

9. Photo shop
Actual: Photo Manipulation (I mean, there are other ways to edit pictures besides the photoshop program right?)

10. Tupperware
Actual: Food/Plastic Containers

Can you think of anymore?

I researched some of them, and edited according to local context. Bet you didn't even know you were using Brand name instead of the correct generic name right!!

Shika Hanna

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New keyboard!

I just bought a new keyboard as the previous keyboard was too noisy and mum always complain when I typed too fast! Now the new keyboard is super silent.

However, the backspace in this new keyboard is super small, not used to it because I use backspace alot! =="

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Despicable Me

I watched Despicable me yesterday and it was FUNNY!

Storyline abit shallow and simple minded. Lol. But it was a very lighthearted movie, great for people like me who don't like to think so much. Haha.

Have you watched it?
What's your favourite character?

Mine has got to be AGNES!! She's so adorably tiny and her expressions are the cutest! I so wanna hug her!

The next favourite is the Floating Minion!!!! This little minion was the guinea pig for a new potion and that anti-gravity potion sent him floating upwards and upwards. Can see him appearing in between some shots and at the end of the show. The expression of this minion SUPER cute too! Look out for it okay!

Watch the movie and I'm sure you will come out in a happy mood =)

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today Joanne found a little kitten at Starbucks . So we named it Starbucks . Isn't it cute?

shy .. hohos:

He thinks the right-side of his face is more handsome:

then he suddenly decides that his left-side looks nicer :

it then decides that it's top view looks cuter :

hohos . It's so small and cute! i like cute and small animals like kittens and puppies.
[ im not interested in birds and fishes ~ unless the fish is cooked...hohos ]

BTW, i just watched Maid Sama ( episod one )
watch it .

- see ? im so good . I intro nice shows to those who read my blog ..
so, you should view my blog everyday.
right ?
say yes =)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How you're doing?

I never knew how to respond to questions like "how you're doing?" and "How was your weekend" when it comes from someone you see everyday.

I know it's greeting manners but what should I say? I say "fine" everyday? Or do I tell her that this morning I saw this uncle and he passed me a flyer and I kindly rejected it and then while walking on a slippery surface I almost fell then I thought I lost my handphone and frantically looked for it before realising it is in my hands blah blah blah.

I don't think they are really interested to know exactly what I really did right?

In my previous tuition, there were a lot of caucasian devil and they like to greet everyone like that. I never learn how to respond.

I said "Same as yesterday!" with a smile.
Cute Spinning Flower Black