Wednesday, June 16, 2010


yesterday for the 1st time in my life, i tried 'Chou tofu' , which also means stinky tofu.... it's a very popular n famous street snack in Taiwan n while many luv it , many also disliked it....

i had always wanted 2 try it because i was curious.. is the taste really overbearing?? i don't fine the smell stinky at all, it smells like fried tofu- n i like fried tofu hehe ....

mammy didn't dare to try it every time we passed by stalls selling this,so i didn't get the chance before....

And so yesterday when we passed by a stall in food expo that sells it, I asked Brian if he wants to try. He said okay so a few minutes later we are eating freshly fried stinky tofu!

It tasted like.....

A normal piece of tried tofu topped with sauce.

I don't believe it! The one I ate must be fake product. How could a normal-tasting tofu be such a popular dish!! I had expected it to be super sour/super salty.

Never mind next time if I have a chance to go to Taiwan I'll try it again!

After that we proceeded to buy several food back home to eat. One of them was this BBQ sambal sotong. The whole sotong on a piece of giant satay stick. It's super yums!!!!!! The fragrance was very nice. Sigh too bad I don't know where else I can find a stall outside selling this.

We also bought nasi lemak home cos Brian saw that it's only RM1 per packet. The apek asked us if we want buy 3 for RM 2. Then since it seems more worth it than only one packet, we said okay. On the cab ride home I told Brian maybe the nasi lemak got no chicken wing inside cos so cheap, then he said must be have one just that smaller size.

Brian took one packet home and I took two packets home to share with my family. When we opened up the packet, we stared at it in dismay: "what?? Rice with chili and ikan bilis with peanuts only?!!!! Not even an egg or a tiny fish??"

I called Brian on his phone and complained to him. Hahaha.

15 minutes later, Brian called me back:
"wahlao my one even worse lor, only rice with chili!!! Even ikan bilis and peanuts also don't have!!"

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