Saturday, March 20, 2010

What did i do?

you know, life's been really good, but 5 minutes ago, someone made me feel really guilty. and you know when you say something, you don't realize that you're saying it like THAT, like you don't mean it that way, i don't know what i'm saying but i feel like crying my eyes out and now i feel like the worst living thing on earth. and i'd really like to have a best friend that i could talk to and laugh with. i hate being a "teenager". i really think that someone should glue my lips together. this sucks, I need a pet.

my current series addiction is none other than

I miss that girl so much ! :) She came from Kuching and was going to stay in Kl for a day off to Melbourne again :'/  *waves with napkin*
So we went for dinner. Is that restaurant called greenview ? I think so. *scratches head*
Anyway , i ate crab until it flew to the other table :/
Dang it ! Thank goodness no one saw , at least , that's what I think.
uh huh , *vroom vroom* we went home , showered , and *poof*
Joanne , Viera and i went out again!
Joanne went visiting , so she left Viera and i at The Gardens :)
We bought 12.00pm tickets for valentine's day at gsc signature and sat at Alexis drinking tea till the movie started :) Movie was pretty good !
hot stuff ! hot stuff ! *wipes sweat*

And btw, just wanna let you read this essay written by a student in Sabah.

Kalu ko paham bahasa baku sabah, I'm proud of you!
mudah-mudahan kmurang paham kio!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Become a fan.

I was on fb some time back having a "become a fan of random groups & pages" spree.

Lets see if you have any similarities with me! here are some of the groups that i joined. Some are really quite funny. Haha.

The guy who discovered milk....What was he doing with that cow?
Hilarious!!!! Who would have thought of this??

Flipping the Pillow Over to Get to the Cold Side
Do u do that tooooooo? I asked my sis and she said yaaaaaaaa!!! When i saw this group I realized that so many people also like that too. Then i asked my mum and my dad and __ , they all gave me a weird look and said "huh? no." WHY THEY NEVER DID THAT?!! Make me feel like a weirdo. Hahaha. Tell me you do that too!

I Hate the "I know i forgot something" feeling!
I rather forget bout it totally than knowing that im forgetting it!

Feeling like if you turn on all the lights, you will be safe from anything.

When im alone at home, i open all the lights at home.

Yeh I got your SMS I just didn't feel like replying

Counting how many hours of sleep I will get right before I go to bed.

I need a hug. Don't ask why, just hug me.

I feel like going online when I'm bored but feels bored when i'm online

I like long text messages because I appreciate a complete thought
I always feel happy when readers draft long emails to me :)

I wish I could call my stuff to know where they are
Juz like when i misplaced my phone, i can call it to know where it is. Every time i lose other things, i always wish there is a sensor for me to track it's location too.

When we eat Oreo with milk, We don't Twist, Lick and Dunk. We just eat it.

At times i just want to be someone else.

I Don't Care If There's Plenty More Fish In The Sea. I Want THAT Fish.. ♥

Watching TV with your family, and suddenly there's a kissing scene. AWKWARD.

Totally. Me and sis always pretend we weren't watching. Lol.

I was gonna post a status, then I remembered I have family on Facebook.
Yes, my mom  reads my status updates so i cannot write mushy things about __ up there.

Just because I'm not smiling doesn't mean I'm angry/unwell/unapproachable.
Nobody smiles to themselves while walking alone right?!

I see you typing, then you stop...WHAT WERE U GOING TO SAY?!
Always happens on msn.

I love when teachers tell the class stories that makes the class waste time.

This only applies in secondary school where our school timing are fixed. It's the total opposite in primary, when the case is the earlier the teachers finish talking, the earlier we can go home. In this situations, i wish the teachers stop wasting time. haha.

I'm not hiding anything, but stop looking at my phone while I'm texting.
It applies to blogging and msn as well.

How many points do you have that is similar as me? Share!! I haven't finish adding all that i need to add though. Everyday got new pages that will amuse me!


I hate last night!!!!! I was on my bed the whole night changing positions every 3 seconds just to get 'the right fit'. I was in panic mode cos i had to work up early the next morning n i was already late into bed. For your info, i eventually overslept. Lol. It's not insomnia.

I was really feeling damn sleepy and my eyes were shut throughout the process. It's my mind that refuses to shut down n rest all because my body hasn't found the right position.At every position, there would surely be at least a hand, a leg or the neck being uncomfortable one :(

The worse thing is - the position always feels perfectly right IN THE MORNING when you have to wake up.
Cute Spinning Flower Black