Thursday, December 30, 2010

Adiós 2010, Hola 2011 !!!

Today is the last day of 2010!
Whooosh, it was fast.

So many things happened to me during this year. The start of my --- life, knowing new friends, having the biggest party i ever had, and more! Thinking about it, i've never thought all this would happen to me when i started 2010. Now i wonder what is in store for me for 2011.

Tomorrow, it'll be a New Year.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No one in this world deserve to abandon their children, and no children deserve to be an orphanage, use condom for God's sake.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


How's life people?! I'm dead bored. Seriously?! A holiday without any vacation SUCKS. It had been ages since i posted. Don't feel like writing anything here in this little space of mine huh. Had been using IMVU, facebook and Habbo whenever i'm in cyber world. As usual. Hahaha! :)

Holidays had been great, i enjoyed it alot especially December. Ofcourse, not october when we just gt our holidays and NOT November cos there's always bad things happened to me. HEHEHE.

PMR next year. If you asked me whether am i afraid. If i say no, i must be lying. Haha! Sejarah had been a headache subject for me. ... lesson might be unable to continue next year. LOL BUT HONESTLY, i looked myself in the mirror and i can't believe that i'm form 3 next year. I mean like, OMG IM 15?! HAHA. Thinking back the past when i used to run around with a lollipop. Oh god, a blink of eye, 10 years past.

Life is getting pretty bored seriously! I really wanna get out of Malaysia forever! Like seriously. I'm so glad I have completed all my WBA projects! EXCEPT F :) I don't even want to talk about it actually!

Last Friday WBA results got released while PMR was on last Thursday. My mum was telling " Next year is your turn. Please study hard.OMG.. before school start I'll ask your dad to change the computer password, I'll take away you laptop!" GOD GRACIOUS :(

I'm really miss Thiveya and Faustina alot seriously! So much things are changing! I hate 2010. Next year is gonna be more bored I bet. But next year onwards no more SLACKING, FACEBOOK, HABBO and etc. School is gonna end late everyday I bet. Xtra classes -.- Im sure life is not gonna be the same way it was for the last 3 years ~

When Thiveya was with me we had so much of fun! I cant even think about next year! 2011- PMR - WBA (If only i get in through sec 5) Hurmmm Stress right? Hmmm .. Ralph is going to AUSTRALIA next year with his family -.- Grrrrr I'll be suffering in Malaysia. Whatever! Thats all for today personnes! Au revoir~♥

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas People!


I've lots of things havent blog about! But it's 11.50pm now and im very tired and sleepy. Good night people :) Will blog asap!



Both physically and emotionally.

So much going on.
So much not yet done.
So much at the back of my mind that im trying to avoid thinking about but it keeps disturbing me

I know im just trying to convince myself that everything's gonna turn out right in the end. But sometimes, reality lets you take a peek at it accidentally and you realise you are just trying to run away from the bits and parts of nasty reality

What should my next step be?

For someone like me who has lived a life of great suayness, i dont believe i'll ever get lucky. I think im bounded to take the rougher road of future. *sigh!*

Since young, i've always tried to stay motivated by reminding myself that: When someone says you can't, show them you can. In the end, surprisingly i did manage to fufil some ambitions that everyone thought was impossible for me, things that even i never thought i could.

And so, i mustn't give up. Right? =)

okay, im just babbling away about my current thoughts. you dont have to understand this entry. good night great people! have a nightmare, mean people!


It was a boring telephone conversation that dragged on and on about random things.

Me: I want a new watch.
Joanne: I give you my house clock then you wear on your wrist lor.
Me: OKAY LOR. then nextime when you grumble that you want new clothes i shall give you my house curtain.


Friday, December 24, 2010


Me: "My stomach cramp. Will u save me??"
Zac: "Yup. Save to which file?"

Idiot. =="

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cik Emira tag Shika!! =)

Ahahaha...! Thanks for the tag Cik Emira =)

Apakah benda yang paling penting dalam hidup korang?
- Money!
- Food!
- Bobo!

Dimana tempat korang ingin melangsungkan perkahwinan korang dan tema perkahwinan korang nanti?
- Italy

Adakah korang sedang bercinta sekarang?
- Siapa

Berapa lama korang akan mencintai kekasih korang?
- Entah.

Dimana korang selalu jumpa dengan kekasih korang?
- Mana2 pun boleh

Novel / Buku / Majalah yg terakhir korang beli?
- Honey Moon

Apakah nama penuh korang?
- Shika Hanna ********** ;D

Antara mak dan ayah korang, yang mana korang lebih mesra?
- Both!

Namakan orang yg korang betul betul nak jumpa?
- Georgia! Stephanie! Natacha! Sadrick! Ralph! Jack! Zac! Wai wai! Cik Emira! Vinod! =P

Adakah korang basuh baju korang sendiri?
- Wajib LOL... DX

Dimanakah tempat yang betul betul korang nak pergi?
- Mana2 pown bleh... asalkan Shika sorang2 je~ =D

Pilih salah satu, peluk atau cium?
- Huh?? Bergantung pada orgnya! Ngeeeeeeeeee~~

Beritahu 3 benda tentang orang yang tag korang?
- Cik Emira - Adorable, Baik and I ♥ her~ xD

5 benda yang korang sayang sangat sangat dalam hidup korang?
- My Handphone
- My Computer
- My Bolster
- My comics!
- And my teddy bear, BOBO! xoxo ♥

5 lagu paling korang suka dan selalu dengar? (Sekarang)
- Hyuna - Change
- Beast - Shock
- Neyo - One in a million
- Jason Derulo - What if
- Melly Geoslow ft Amee - Ketika Cinta Bertasbih

Bila tarikh lahir korang?
-2nd December 1996.

Tag 5 orang:
- Zee
Faryna Mn- Hanis- Siti Nabilah- Joanne

Monday, December 20, 2010

My 14 Minutes Survey!

Instruction : Once you are tagged, answer all the question honestly. No lying or cheating.
Starting time : 11.49 a.m
Name : Shika Hanna
Brother(s) : 0
Eye color : Black?
Shoe size : 3 ==
Hair : Black
Piercings : Ears
Height : idk. But I'm short.
What are you wearing right now : T-shirt and shorts
Where do you live : Selangor
Favorite number : 2
Favorite drink : Coffee and h2o=P
Favorite month : December!
Favorite breakfast : er milk?
-Have you ever- Broken a bone : No
Been in a police car : In my dream
Fallen for a friend : =)
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : -
Swam in the ocean : No
Fallen asleep in school : Yes!
Broken someone’s hearts : Maybe
Cried when someone’s died : Obviously!
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : =)
Saved e-mails : Yup
Been cheated on : No
-What- Your room look like : My room la == I have a medium-sized bedroom with light purple walls and white on the ceiling. There's 3 windows. I have a light brown curtain and 2 brown bookshelves. My bed is a single-sized bed. My bedspread is pink with white flowers on it, made by my mum about 2 years ago.i have a big desk with a bunch of random crap on it, a comfy chair, a computer, and lots of books. And I guess thats it. ( So long sia! )
What is right beside you : My bed
What is the last thing you ate : Chocolate 

-Who- Who did you last yell at? : Shivani
Who was the last person you danced with? : Faris! sikit lagi maw jatuh, sapa suruh nda hafal step =="
Who last made you smile ? : John =)
-Final Questions- What are you listening right now? : Change 
What did you do today? : idk~
Are you the oldest? : Yeah
Indoors or outdoors? : Both =)
-Today did you- Talk to someone you like : =)
Kiss anyone? : No
Sing? : Yeah!
Talk to to your ex? : no
Miss someone? : Yes
Eat? : Yes
-Last person who- You talk to on the phone? : Wai Quan
Made you cry? : idk T_T
Went to the movies with? : Joanne, Stella, Ashley, John and Sean!
You went to the mall with? : Family!
Who cheered you up? : Blogger =)
-Have you- Been to mexico? : No
Been to USA? : No
-Random- Have you crush on someone? : hahaha
What book are you reading right now? : Reborn - Paul Wilson
Best feeling in the world? : being loved? xP
Future kids name : Wattafak?! I'm too young to think about this

Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : No
What’s under your bed : Dust
Favorite sport (s) : Badminton
Favorite place : My room and Aunt Mano's house ( super huge leh Dx )
What do you really hate? : Rude people

Do you have a job? : No...
What time is it now? : 12.13

With however long it took you to complete this , post as “ My __ Minutes Survey “ and tag 5 people .

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What a life...

hi there.
Sorry buds, I have nothing to update. =/
I'm not feeling very happy right now.
So anybody who's reading this, cheer me up please.
I need jelly :(
Ah sigh, or just leave me alone.

Monday, December 13, 2010

You know about the 5-second rule?

The five-second rule is a popular fiction regarding the eating of various objects that have fallen to the floor or ground. The origin of the rule is unknown. The substance of the rule is that if food falls on the ground, it may be safely eaten as long as it is picked up within five seconds. (wiki)

Found these two cartoons which is funny, demonstrating the rule.

Anyway, in case you are wondering, the 5-second rule is NOT TRUE. There is no significant difference in the number of bacteria collected from 2 seconds exposure as there was from 6 seconds exposure. Okay, so today you learnt something!

For me, my rule is that I look at the place it has fallen on and what food it is (see whether it’s a yummy one anot. hahaha).

If it’s a dry food, for example, cracker, and dropped on my house floor, I’ll pick it up.
I’ll pick it up if it landed on my dress.
I’ll pick it up if it landed on a clean table (home, restaurant, but not food court tables)

I wont pick up food from food court/hawker centre/public area floor. Cos common sense, many shoes have already stepped all over the place since morning.

I won’t pick it up if it landed on the carpet because I feel that carpets are dusty.

If it’s a piece of curry chicken, I’d deem it as easier to get bacteria since it’s wet, so I wont take it up no matter where it landed on.

What about you? What’s your yardstick on when to pick up and when not to?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to me~!

That I havent been up for like days!!! But I have a reason for that! Its because I had to do...nevermind I dont. BUT ILL MAKE UP FOR THAT!!! Today is my birthday. LET ME HEAR THOSE BIRTHDAY WISHES!!! But anyway today is my birthday and nothing special to report it s just now im 14 and that i just got more money than previous years!! Wait a sec... WHERE'S MY PRESSIE?!?!??! hahaha...

Few more days till I get my IPAD, I already ordered the case and some headphones, as Ipads dont come with one. I have been delaying my purchase for weeks because Best Buy runs out of Ipads like CRAZY!!! kk... gtg.. i wanna sleep~! =P Good night readers~! =)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Hello :)

Sorry for not updating my blog, i've been busy nowadays with wba project
and yes ofcos i have to do it, to make me pass. cos next year we're gonna have a trip, like exchange student to Sabah, so yeah, who doesnt want it, right? but ofcos the sad part is, i gotta give up on the trip to "pffft", SHITZ! okay stop right there, lets go to my story~

I remembered watching a variety show where the host learnt how to grow watermelons. Now whenever I eat watermelons, I think of the huge amount of water that was used to create watermelons.

A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 92% water by weight. It's all water! No wonder they are so juicy. I love eating cold watermelons, especially when I'm feeling thirsty. However, after you finish eating it, you'll feel more thirsty cos the watermelon taste will remain on your tongue. Nevertheless, I love watermelon because of the crunch and texture of juicy melons. It's just lovely to bite into one. Hehe.

I wanted to share about the growing process of watermelons, but came across this interesting stuff.

Quoted from Wikipedia:

In Japan, farmers of the Zentsuji region found a way to grow cubic watermelons, by growing the fruits in glass boxes and letting them naturally assume the shape of the receptacle. The square shape is designed to make the melons easier to stack and store (hahaha!!!), but the square watermelons are often more than double the price of normal ones. Pyramid shaped watermelons have also been developed and any polyhedral shape may potentially also be used.

I never thought that I would ever see a square watermelon. I didn't even thought of it!

Friday, November 12, 2010

salute to all moms

"Thank you Mummy" would be the first thing I want to say after watching the
commercial to thank mothers of athletes who participated in the YOG to thank
them, on behalf of the athletes, for their support.

When you were in your childhood, your mom stands ahead of you to set an

As you grows up and becomes a teenager, she is always behind her little one, to
lend support whenever you need it.

Once you grow up to become a mature adult, she starts walking next to you, so
that you two can be friends forever.

In short, a mother is always there for her child, at each and every stage of our
lives. At some point of time in life, every child feels the need of saying thank you
to their mother, for all what she has done.

Love it or hate it, she was your first love and will never be gone from your heart.


Every moms are the same, their child would come first.. Just take me as an

Yesterday, I knew I'm heading WBA for an exchange program for a week
and yet I didn't prepare anything. My mum was really worried and she tried to
do whatever she could to make sure my trip was a successful one. Thank you
for your unconditional love, for loving me no matter what, and for frequently
showing love in ways that made me feel valued and cherished.

Mom, without you, there would be no me.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Review request 2 -Gerard-

>Title: Lawak Kampus
>Price: RM6.50, RM7.50 SB/SWK
>Created by: Keith & Zelo
>Cover Page by: Keith & Zelo
>Published by: Gala Unggul Resources Sdn Bhd, July 2004
>Main characters: Vanness, Froggy, Aditas, Si Kosong, Bebop, etc
>Main language: Bahasa Malaysia + Rojak

Here goes one of the best comedic graphic novel. The style for this is simple. Every comedy scene/situation is being explained by using just 4 panels. It is amazing how it captures student's life, in an extreme point of view.

There are many main characters in this graphic novel as there are no real focus on who really takes the lead. Each of the scene explores what almost a real situation. The creativity flow is great as the illustrators really need to crack their head so that they will not bore the readers.

The best part about this graphic novel is that there is no confusion between which panel to go to next as there is only one way to see it (from top to bottom). The scene has a nice flow to it when it is divided into four panels; introduction, suspense, climax and conclusion. The ideas are simple which in result make readers understand what is going on with the scene in each panel. The most important thing is that it is hilarious. The comic does not only revolves around students but even the teachers, including the headmaster.

The characters designs are cute and creative. Keith and Zelo really brings the meaning cute, as in ugly but adorable. At first look, one may think that the characters are ugly and irritating but as the readers progress, they will surely be attracted to one of them, if not more. i personally like a character called Bebop. The strokes for this graphic novel is very simple as there is really no need for in depth addition. Even the backgrounds are arranged nicely just for the readers to know where are the scene is happening.

There is really nothing to say about the disadvantages of this comic. One might think that it is too silly or just illogical. Heck, ignore it, that's what a comedic comic is all about! It can be as illogical as it can go but it is still funny. There are a few (very few) scenes where readers can find it confusing or not funny but that will disappears the further the readers go.

Maybe the only complain is that there is not enough of the comedic scene. Insert more 3 scene into a page instead of 2?

The page above is a treat from Keith and Zelo as they made it into a short story to a scene in that graphic novel.

Get ready to kick back and laugh your pants off. It will make you reminisce about your school days as you might go "Hey, that happened to me too!" Grab it at stores near you. Laughter is indeed the best medicine when it comes to Lawak Kampus.

Pros: Cute characters design, simple scene, addictable comedy.
Cons: The need to increase more scene in one page.

Rating: 8/10


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review request : Wasabi

Here's a review request made by Z ~

>Title: Wasabi
>Price: RM6.50, RM7.50 SB/SWK
>Created by: Keith
>Cover Page by: Keith
>Published by: Gala Unggul Resources Sdn Bhd, June 2007
>Main characters: Wasabi, Chiro
>Main language: Bahasa Malaysia

Keith finally released his first comic series. The genre for it is obviously comedy. Set in a schooling environment, this graphic novel will show everyone the life and times of all the students there. Every scene and every story is continuous, no longer the four-panel comedy Keith used to do. Here's the layout of this graphic novel: Chiro newly moved to a town trying to adjust to it met one of the most mischievous student, Wasabi. Follow their story throughout this comic.

One of the best thing in this comic is that it is indeed funny. The quality of this comic did not reduce a bit from Keith's transition from four-panel to series. Each chapter passed with laughter because there will be at least one funny scene to make the readers laugh. The storyline is simple to understand as there were no real goal to begin with. All this comic featured was funny and comical violence that are sure to steal readers' heart.

The characters design for this graphic novel is, as always, cute and this time mature a little. This is because there are teenage physique involved in this comic. The character development is good because Keith manage to retain their personality throughout the comic. The panelling for this graphic novel is easy to follow because Keith manage to arrange it nicely. Another thing to praise is that the characters expression were priceless. He manage to capture all emotions available when readers look at the facial expressions.

One of the common problems in this comic is that, it looked like a Japanese influenced manga product. The stroke for this comic seems very similar with how a Japanese artist would do it. If Keith could show another type of unique stroke, it might contribute more to the comic from the creative aspect. As a series, there is not much focus on the side characters such as Diego or Tobi as they too add extra boost to the comic.

Not all effects for this comic is great either. Only certain chapters have good effects. Other than that, the rest of the chapters looked plain without the effect that will add more atmosphere to the whole comic. There is nothing more to complain about this comic actually.

A very funny and exciting comic, this will surely get your funny bone laughing out loud. A fresh look at school life injected with weird and cute characters added extra charm to this comic. Readers should just fork out their money and get this book. Prepare for an exciting journey with every flip of the page.

Pros: Every chapter funny, simple storyline, improved character design, memorable scenes.
Cons: Similar with Japanese manga, same stroke, dull effect.

Rating: 8/10

Chowz! =)

Gempakstarz' coupon

Alright, everytime you buy a Gempak Starz comic (not comic magazine), at the back of the book, you can see one of those, with different design/variation.

Don't just ignore it. You can actually collect a number of those to trade into Gempak Starz merchandise!!

Just cut the coupons out, stick it in the coupon trade form in Gempak (issue 251) 1 May, Utopia (issue 177) 1 May and Comic King (issue 120) also from the Gempak Starz website. Once you got that done, just post it to them. Simple, right?

Get your scissors and glue ready! =D

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Facts about you~


I'm so sorry for not blogging recently!!!!

Apart for being lazy, I seriously got no inspiration and motivation!!!

This really sounds bad cause I might just lose the touch of blogging and stop blogging altogether!!! Omgggggg!!!! I know, please don't kill me! :( HAHAHAHAA!

So please be patient with me while I get my blogging blood back! :)

To my Indian friends and WBA students, I would like to wish you all a HAPPY DEEPAVALI!

Man, WBA also had a Deepavali festival as well, as WBA initiative, and apart from exchanging gives, we had a round of samosas for lunch and teatime, with photos, dressing and etc..

Pretty fun day. =)


Saturday, October 30, 2010

We are all the same...

(Taken from those Facebook pages that I've 'Like', that are phone related!)

I get a text, get distracted and forget to reply for hours

I know you haven't replied, but I can't help but check my phone

I say "I'm on my way", whereas, I'm still at home

I fell asleep with my phone in my hand waiting for you to text me back

I always re-read my messages on my phone while im lying in bed

I'm not ignoring you. I'm just waiting for you to talk to me first

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Darn it..! My exam are coming up in like 1 week!! sigh*

An awesome post need an awesome picture to start the post :) Mind to myself.

Actually I wanna blog about yesterday! Got alot of pic to post over here (:
But I just can't find the fucking wire. Pfft...So I'm here to announce I will blog lesser cause my Final Exam is coming soon! and well.. I haven't started studying! DX, Disaster! Wait, I mean yeah! *We should always think in a positive way right?*

I'm going to blog lesser like a week twice or once? :D So yeah.
Exam is coming up, here to wish everyone good luck to study cause there's too much stuff to distract us like facebook, blogger, msn and WBA project (-o-") , so just keep holding on. ( Lord please help me! )

Oh, for people that didn't know this, it's my WBA year :) Wish me luck for this Final Exam, it's still important right? :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hey Peoplee!

Last night I watched my mum's friend's daughter's wedding video .
so touching sia !
the father cried when they 'handed over' the bride to the groom during the 'handover' ceremony .

and the newly-wed couples are so sweet!
at the start of the video, the groom has to go through some games before he can enter the girl's home to bring her over to his place. he willingly played the games and there is one part where he has to shout 'i love you' to the girl very loudly .

throughout the day , the guy was so caring to his bride, and occasionally joked some things to brighten up the boring video . hahaha . even towards the end of the day , after the wedding dinner where he got quite drunk and tired, he still hugged and look at his bride lovingly. i think he would be a great husband in the future :)

oh my gosh . i suddenly feel like marrying .
i shall accept any guy who proposes to me by today .


Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Daddy handed me a form just now and asked me to sign it.
I asked what is it for.
He replied: "To sell you away lor."

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My next obsession!

I watched Charlie St.Cloud just now!!!!!

Honestly, I watched it in the first place only because Zac Efron was the lead. Who could resist him? The poster, the title, didn't appeal to me at all at first! It took me some time before deciding that I want to watch it.


I think Zac Efron is a really good actor. I was won over by his charm in 17 Again and I'm won over again this time. I was trying to think about my friends last night but instead of my friends face appearing, Zac's face was all over my mind lol.

I like the story cos it's different from other normal chick-flicks. However, I think the girl casted in the movie seems abit too old and mature for him. On the other hand, Zac does look very matured in this movie. He looks like 26-27, a big difference from his high school musical days. Some several scenes, he looks more like the father instead of the brother to Sam St.Cloud in the story.

He is very charming. *Sigh.
The scene where he kissed the back of the shoulder of the female lead. *SIGH.
The intense look in his eyes. *SIGHHHHH.

Doesn't he has the most perfect face for a man, EVER?

awwwww! (o^_^o)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


When i was walking alone, I wished that i can reach the end of the road.. But when you are walking with me, I wish the road never ends.. <3

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I'm scared to fall in love again, i don't want to end up hurt again. So I'm putting a lock on my heart. Only god has the key! U want it? Ask GOD how to win the key...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ketchup song!

I was walking home a couple of days back and heard a song blasting from one of the houses near WBA. Super loud.

And guess what song it was.
I think everyone of us had heard this old song before, and have not heard it for a long time.

It's..... the KETCHUP song!!!!!

I went back home to find the lyrics and carefully listened to it. The singer really sang every single word clearly! Last time when i was younger i thought she anyhow sing one. LOL.

friday night it's party time
feeling ready looking fine,
viene diego rumbeando,
with the magic in his eyes
checking every girl in sight,
grooving like he does the mambo
he's the man alli en la disco,
playing sexy felling hotter,
he's the king bailando et ritmo ragatanga,
and the dj that he knows well,
on the spot always around twelve,
plays the mix that diego mezcla con la salsa,
yi la baila and he dances yi la canta

aserej� ja de j� de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva,
majavi an de bugui an de buididipi,
aserej� ja de j� de jebe tu de jebere seibiunouva,
majavi an de bugui an de buididipi

many think its brujeria,
how he comes and disappears,
every move will hypnotize you,
some will call it chuleria,
others say that its the real,
rastafari afrogitano

he's the man alli en la disco,
playing ***y felling hotter,
he's the king bailando et ritmo ragatanga,
and the dj that he knows well,
on the spot always around twelve,
plays the mix that diego mezcla con la salsa,
yi la baila and he dances yi la canta

I wonder how she sings that fast.
Can you sing that? o.0 I cant.. T_T
NVM..Practise makes perfect! XD

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Found these photos while randomly surfing.

I think the people who made this cakes are so talented!

This is probably for some IT addicts. haha.

Even the fillings are red, so that when you cut it, it seems like blood flowing out!

I dont mind having this cake, if the money are real.

Remember to brush your teeth every night to get teeth as white as this!

This is super creative luh!! Mum will love this. hahaha.

I want this!! Looks super real right. I dont know how they let the cover stay hanging in the air like that.

Okay, this is the ugliest of all.

Wow! There's actually another one, which is even more interesting. But im not gonna post up the pictures here because many underaged people read this blog. Haha. It's a cake, with an upright penis ( with the texture sia!) and it even have balls. LOL. in the picture, the birthday girl sucked/blowed the upright thingy. So now you know why i dont want to post the photos up. People will accuse me of posting porn on the blog! But yeap, creative. Can sabo friends. hahahaha.

I read the comments, and one was rather funny:

Commentor A: Imagine what it'd be like if they got the order mixed up and gave this cake to an old woman's birthday party. haha

Commentor B: She will sit on it instead of blow it.

Haha. It's kinda funny if you know what it means. Alright, let's stop this topic. Seems to dirty my blog. ><

Monday, September 6, 2010

introducing... Qristyn

two days ago, i was chatting with zac on msn, and he showed me his msn cartoon display pic which could make all sorts of emotions. after playing a game with him, and me WINNING, he finally told me the website to custom-make this kind of msn display pics. hahas. i think there's alot of people out there who already discovered this cartoon-thingy long time ago, but well, im just ABIT slow la. hohos. after spending quite a long time deciding her eye colour, hair colour, skin colour, clothes, background, blahblahblah, QRISTYN was finally borned! hahas. Zac exclaimed that she was cute the minute she appeared on my msn display pic.
=) yay.

Qristyn blushed when zac said she's cute:

like we girls, she also has frequent moodswings. hahas. Suddenly she's angry.

qristyn and her confused/scared look.
she's tired making all those faces.
my Qristyn uses Colgate Total White, that's why her teeth is shiny and white!

she's sick. she's vomiting. =(

she's winking! =D
hahas. i think she's trying to flirt with Zac's PurpleHead~
(* purplehead is zac's msn cartoon)

Sad and Crying~!
i was actually feeling quite down that day, and this little QRISTYN cheered me up with her funny emotions. it's quite surprising how such a simple thing could liften my dumb mood.
Cute Spinning Flower Black