Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MSN is fun sometimes :)

zac says:
your blog entries make me feel like eating mac now

' ice-angel (me) says:
only one small part of the entry is about mac =D

zac says:

but i still wanna eatttttt

zac says:argg

' ice-angel (me) writes:

zac says:

zac says:

' ice-angel (me) writes:

zac says:

zac says:drinks?
' ice-angel (me) writes:

zac says:

' ice-angel (me) says:
$4 student meal

zac says:
very cuteeeeeee

zac says:
yea yea cheep cheep!!

' ice-angel (me) says:pay by cash or ezlink?

zac says:

zac says:
i'm a member!

' ice-angel (me) says:
okay. please tap your card.

zac says:

zac says:

' ice-angel (me) says:

' ice-angel (me) says:

zac says:

zac says:

' ice-angel (me) says:
haha. We are both suffering from incurable hyperness today.

Disclaimer: My mouse wasn't working properly yesterday that's why the pictur
e is so ugly! haha. Was drawn in a hurry :) Macdonalds is FAST food mahs.



Do i have the "I'm attached" words written on my forehead?? Im NOT attached! I don't know why but recently for the past few months, people always thought that im attached. And when i ask them how come they think im attached, they say because i have alot of photos taken with Zac in my photo gallery. AIYA -.- He is not my boyfriend lah. I also have photos there taken with other boys and girls mah. Where got him only. Zac is just a good friend, and probably one of the best guy friend that i like to go out with. Because he likes taking photos silently (especially unique photos) and most guys don't. Haha. That's the reason why i have so many photos with him! I seldom take photos with other guys that i go out with because they have the "i don't like to take photo" face.

Bah. The worst thing is, when i asked some people why they thought i got boyfriend, they replied: "dont know lei".

Saturday, December 19, 2009

More posts.

Disney's baby elephant dumbo is damn cute. I have the soft toy at home and it's so cute that i never fail to smile whenever i walk past it . Haha. The soft toy is cuter than how it looked in the google pictures. It looks somehow like a real toddler!!

I used to dislike children alot but after my baby cousin was born, i began to think that actually some kids very cute! That day i went to visit "iyan" (her name), i had a strong urge to bring her home to play. Haha. And the strangest thing was, i carried her to hug because she was too cute to resist. I had never voluntarily carried a child before this. Omg.


I've havent been blogging properly, nor blogging as frequent as i should. Well, gotta say that i've been busy stressing over quite a number of things. So when i get home, usually i just want to plop onto my bed and hug my pillow, or just stare at the tv.

I'm feeling quite disheartened at some things that arent going my way. I do wish life was nicer and easier for me.

Oh welllllllllllll.

The current song on my repeat list is Kesha's Tik Tok. Click here to listen: The chorus is quite catchy. It's on loop in my brain. Haha.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Oh I love this :)

The distance between you and I
Is only a heartbeat away,
For you and I dwell in each other's heart -
There forever we will stay.

You know all my emotions,
Many they may be.
You know when to be gentle,
And when to chastise me.

Two gentle souls deeply connected,
Thoughts not spoken,
There is no need -
For the other knows what one is thinking
Even before they speak.

So with all the love I have
In my heart today,
I want to express to you
These feelings I want to stay.

Cute Spinning Flower Black